Guess Who Came to Visit?

My brother-in-law drove to Minnesota for a business and we found a stow-away … my sister Peggy!!

Me and my sister Peggy!!

Me and my sister Peggy!!

Since Peggy’s diagnosis and my dissected vertebral artery we haven’t seen each other in a forever!!! What a wonderful surprise to have a visit from my sister  and brother-in-law.

Peggy still has an inoperable cancer tumor, but her attitude is outstanding. She will be in town for a few days and is going with me back to the neurologist on Tuesday. I’m hoping for a good report … like back to riding my motorcycle, off the rat poison, I mean Warfarin (yes, it is the same chemicals found in rat poison), and back to exercising. Bottom line, I’m hoping to return to life pre-dissection. Fun will be had by all.

Back to my sister, Peggy. I’m still looking for help off-set expenses from ovarian cancer. Check out my the GoFundMe page for Peggy Thank you friends for any help you can give! xoxoxo

4 responses to “Guess Who Came to Visit?

  1. Hooray, so glad your sister came for a visit.

    Fingers crossed for you to be cleared for take off and for your sister to get well soon too.

  2. How wonderful that you two were able to be together! I’m anxious to hear what the neuro says!!

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