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Check out My New Blog!

Hello there, friends! I’d like to invite you to visit, my newly redesigned blog! I haven’t blogged about motorcycles or shared profiles of female motorcycle riders in a long time.

The most exciting news is that I’m back on a motorcycle. On the new platform, you can read about my journey, “Back to Motorcycling After All These Years.” logo

As always, I am looking for more stories like your adventure in riding. Your experience, knowledge, and insight will encourage women in their motorcycling journey! Fill out the contact form and let’s connect!

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How did you spend Christmas?

Me? In critical care. Yes. I waited how long to spend time with my daughter and grandkids and I end up in the hospital.

Crazy. I had a migraine that started last Wednesday and by Sunday had me in urgent care. They sent me home after a shot in the butt and some pain meds. That night was horrible so went to the doctor on Monday.

Well he didn’t think it was normal that I would have my first migraine ever at my age. The doctor sent me straight over to the ER for a MRI.

At first I thought the ER doctor was joking when he said I tore the artery that runs up through my neck. And I would be staying here for a few days.

That was Monday. Still trying to figure out how I did this. It is usually the result of an accident. Not me. I just happened to tear my artery.

Things I’ve learned while here. Critical care patients get lots of attention. It is more serious than I ever thought. Don’t let a migraine go five days without medical attention. My grandson isn’t afraid of hospitals.

Hope your Christmas was wonderful! Miss y’all!

Lift a glass for me and let’s get 2014 off to a better start!