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2005 Suzuki 650 VStrom

Left work on Friday with butterflies in my tummy because I was so excited to go for a ride  on the VStrom. When I got home our neighbor and her truly adorable little guy were visiting. Although it delayed our getting out on the road, I so enjoyed playing ball with the 22 month old tot! Plus, he seemed to like my motorcycle. As he sat on the seat he was making all sorts of sounds. I think motor sports are in his future. He’s sat on his dad’s lap since birth (with sound cancelling headphones) on a riding mower.

We finally left with less than two hours before sunset; new bike and I haven’t done any night driving so I’m a bit cautious. Hubby led and off we went on an adventure on the back roads. Bumps, rail road tracks, stop signs and lights, smooth straight lines, S-curves and the like! We were able to get in over 50 miles before ending back at home.

Having my husband out on the road with me was awesome! I’m so happy (actually pig squealing happy) for the new ride.

P.S. I also ordered a girly riding jacket with full armor and a PINK stripe!

Getting ready to ride!

I’m so excited that this weekend my wonderful hubby is going to get the Nighthawk ready to ride again!

Getting ready to ride!

This is last year gearing up to ride home from work. We still have brown grass and no leaves on the trees in Minnesota!

Vintage Honda 1971 CB 350 Cafe Racer

Swooning over this bad boy! This is a beautiful motorcycle! I believe it is a Honda 1971 CB350 Cafe Racer.

These pictures are posted on Raccia Motorcycles web site, but it is under construction. I’ll be checking back to see what else they have!

Anyone familiar with Raccia Motorcycles?

Winterized Honda CBR

At the International Motorcycle Show I stopped by the Zerogravity booth and saw this awesome customized or should I say winterize Honda CBR. The guy I talked with said the owner gets better traction on the ice with these spiked tires than he did with tires on asphalt. I would love to take this bad boy for a ride on the ice!

Winterized Honda CBR

Customized spikes!

Saturday’s Adventure

Hubby and I took a nice drive to Sport Wheels again! On the way we stopped at the Crofut Family Winery where we happened upon a free wine tasting.


Found a buffalo at the winery!


Tasted some fine wine. My favs? The River Valley White, Northwood’s Red, and the sweet dessert wine Essence du Nord. Now off to Sport Wheels.

You just never know what you will find at Sport Wheels with over six acres of motorcycles and parts! Here are a few gems we saw today!

Didn’t catch the name of this one! Looked cool with it’s two front and two rear tires! I don’t believe it was in working condition.


Vintage 450 Honda


Hubby reminisced about high school friends who owned this bad boy – an older Honda 450! It was in pretty good shape and in working order! Check out Sport Wheel’s collector page.

I found this Ducati Falcon Ricshaw in the back corner of the warehouse. It is in rough shape but still very cool to see!


Ducati Falcon Rickshaw


The last item I’ll share is a vintage bicycle. Talk about a Coca Cola classic!


Vintage Coca Cola bicycle


There were lots of other motorcycles too numerous to mention! We are scoping out our next purchase for hubby … unless I find a new favorite!

Happiness is …

Happiness is bugs on my helmet … because it means I’ve been out riding.

Not my helmet, but thought it a great picture!

[picture source]

Happiness is leaving with a full tank of gas and riding until it’s empty.

Happiness is coming home sopping wet … because I wore all my gear on a 90 degree day!

Happiness is when extraneous thoughts fade away … because you are focused on riding.

Happiness is having helmet hair and not caring!

Happiness is making new friends who share a passion for motorcycling!

Can you tell I was out riding today??

If you want to know what all the noise was last night …

In case you heard angels singing and trumpets blaring last night it was heaven rejoicing with me because I was able to ride the motorcycle!! Talk about pee in your pants excitement!

The motorcycle was a little reluctant to start, but finally turned over. I had butterflies I was so excited about getting out again. I negiotated through the road construction on the gravel slowly and kept the bike upright! Remember my last encounter with gravel I was not so lucky. When I got out to the county road I opened it up and sailed down the road. The weather was clear. The only thing I had to be aware of were the wind gusts. Those had me holding on tight and occasionally leaning to stay upright. Makes for a good core work out. Let’s just say in the end it felt really great.

I am very thankful to have gotten out because today’s weather forcast brings more severe storms to Minnesota. I heard on the radio that Minnesota has had more tornados this year than Texas! How is that possible? I am so looking forward to fall with cooler calmer weather that is better for riding.

If there is a window of clear weather tonight guess what I’m going to do? Ride safe friends!

Are the Stars Aligned?

This past Sunday it seemed that the stars and the planets aligned for me to finally take the motorcycle for a ride! My heart was racing I was so excited! It had been far too long since I rode, mostly because of the weather. Minnesota has been experiencing 80-90 degree weather with humidity to match, along with severe storms. My gear is so hot and heavy I felt it could be dangerous during those heat waves.

BUT that all changed on Sunday. The temperature and humidity finally dropped! I had all the gear on, did the pre-ride check of the bike. Got on, put the key in, adjusted the choke, flipped the red switch, and pushed the start button. “Va-room!” is what I was hoping to hear. Instead I heard “click, click, click.” What?! I got off the bike and check to make sure the fuel line was open again. Tried again. Nothing. My heart went from racing to broken. No ride today. Sad face.

My hubby was working and unavailable to talk to, so I Twittered about it. I suspected a dead battery. Within a few minutes one of my Twitter friends confirmed that’s the most likely problem. I also learned that when motorcycles sit for a while they can lose their charge. {Note to self: if you’re not riding regularly start the bike occasionally to keep the battery charged.}

The good news is hubby jump started the cycle and took it out for a ride to charge the battery! I love my hubby!! If all goes as I hope I should be back out on the roads this week. Except for all the roads around me under construction and down to the gravel base … which presents a whole new set of challenges! I will find a way!

Bars up, rubber down! Ride safe friends.

Here’s a glimpse of what my neighborhood looks like!

Minnesota has two seasons: winter & road construction!

What to Wear!

The weather cooperated today so I finally got out on the motorcycle! Hubby was working so I rode by myself for about two hours. I live in an outer suburb of Minneapolis where the county roads are plenteous (or would it be plentiful). Either way I have many scenic roads to choose from so off I went. It was quite the adventure not to mention a learning experience.

One of my first affirmations, that was again confirmed later, was wear all your gear all the time. Although tempted to leave the jacket or gloves off because of the 80 plus degree heat I decided that would be a totally stupid move and wore it all! Over the ankle leather boots, jeans, heavy jean jacket with armor, full-face helmet, and leather riding gloves completed my ensemble. I did remember to open the vents on my jacket and helmet which proved helpful in the heat. I wasn’t too far down my first county road when I became really thankful for all the protection I was wearing. The amount of bugs that were hitting me was ridiculous. Many of the motorcyclists I saw today were in short sleeves, some even in shorts, no gloves, and no helmets! Ouch! The bugs had to be stinging them too!

What not to wear!

About 45 minutes into the ride I get nailed square in the middle of my visor with a bug the size of a humming bird! Okay, maybe not that big but the goo and guts spread right across my line of sight … both eyes! Yuck! I look around to find a place I could safely pull off and clean the visor. Thankfully I remembered to bring a lens cleaning packet. I cleaned up the mess and was heading back out when the confirmation to wear all my gear happened. It has been raining and/or down pouring pretty consistently for the last few weeks. One of the outcomes of all this rain on our roads is the extraordinary amount of gravel and sand that has shown up on the surface. Even my backyard patio has a fine coating of sand!

As I’m leaving to head back on the road I take a right hand turn. That’s when I notice a pile of gravel so I swing out a littler further only to have missed the fact that the road was coated in a fine sandy-like gravel. Next thing I know I’m down with the bike. I quickly looked around and thank God there was no traffic!! I crawl out from under the bike, stand up and dust myself off. Then I tried to pick that bad boy up! Oh my! I’ve never had to do that before and never thought about what it would take to pick it up. 500 pounds of mean machine on its side and I can’t even budge it. I wanted to laugh! In all my preparation I never thought about how to stand my motorcycle up if it ever fell.

It wasn’t too long before a very nice Good Samaritan turned the corner, stopped and asked if I wanted help! YES!! He uprighted the motorcycle rather quickly as I babbled on about being a new rider. He just looked at me and said, “It is okay. I ride a lot and I’ve dropped my bike too.” I thanked him profusely and he suggested I try to start the bike! Oh yeah, the bike. It took a few times, but it eventually started. The Good Samaritan asked if I was okay to ride, I said yes, and off he went it his truck. Wow. Thank God for people willing to help. Lord bless that man wherever he is!

I’m thinking that heavy duty outfit saved me a lot of bumps and bruises. I’m sure my hand would have been cut up pretty bad if I didn’t wear those riding gloves. Wait, let me also sing the praises of my boots, and jeans, and jacket!! You get point. It could have turned out quite differently for me had I not left prepared. I’d also like to thank all the motorcyclists who have encouraged me to wear the gear even in the heat! Blessings to you too!!

P.S. The picture is a good example of what not to wear riding. I must confess I did take the bike around the block dressed like that to prove to my brother-in-law I knew how to ride. No excuses that was dumb.

I’m outta here!

I finally got out on the bike again after a business trip to NYC and lots of rain this week! I’ve done mostly local neighborhood streets so I wanted to try traffic!

I did a few of the local streets to warm up and refresh my skills before taking it out over 40 mph. And then it happened … I took the cycle out on a county road up to 55 mph! What a thrill! I don’t have a windshield so the wind hitting the front of me was a bit of a surprise, but compensated by leaning into the wind.

Overall, I thought it went well for my initial journey out of the ‘hood, riding about 50 miles or so solo. I did come back home to grab a backpack and ran up to the coop for a few things. And I stopped and filled up the tank in case my hubby wants to ride later today. I was able to keep up with traffic, start and stop without killing it, and took turns rather well. I still have yet to go on a highway, but I’ll get there with more practice and experience!

Vintage Honda in NYC