No Riding, but a Tasty Recipe

Haven’t posted in a while mostly because I’m not riding. I’m counting down the days till my next appointment with the neurologist – 27 days in case you were wondering.

My motorcycle isn’t sitting still because my son has been riding it the last couple of weeks. Today was one of the harder days not being able to throw a leg over and ride to work because the weather was perfect with very little wind. If my hubby hadn’t taken his cycle to work I would have been very tempted to just do it.

Okay, I’m done whining … at least for today 🙂  Instead I’m going to share a recipe I kind of made up! It was very tasty.

Pam's Potatoes

Pam’s Potatoes

Pam’s Potatoes

2 lbs. Potatoes (I used organic red) – cut up

1 cup White Vinegar

1 tbsp Sea Salt (iodized)

3 tbsp butter

Ground black pepper

1 tsp.  Thyme

Place cut potatoes, vinegar, and salt in pot; add water to cover potatoes. Bring to boil and cook until tender. Drain the potatoes, then pat dry on a clean towel.

Heat butter in a large frying pan, add potatoes, salt and pepper to taste, and thyme. Stir potatoes until golden brown.

It is a very flavorful and easy side to make! Let me know if you tried the recipe.

P.S. If you can Help Me Kick My Sister’s Ovarian Cancer I would appreciate any gift large or small! xoxo

12 responses to “No Riding, but a Tasty Recipe

  1. I’m sorry you can’t ride yet… but I sure like having you around 🙂 Are you becoming a chef?

  2. I do potatoes almost the same except after par boiling them, I coat them in olive oil, add a little thyme, pepper and coarse smoked salt and throw them on the grill.

    27 days is just around the corner!

  3. Those potatoes look really tasty. Have you tried frying them with vegan butter? I ask because I just don’t know if they’d fry up the same or if the butter would burn. Man, now I am hungry.

    Hope all goes well with the neurologist. Less than 4 weeks away!!

    • Trobairitz,
      I have vegan butter but used the organic butter. Didn’t know if it could take the heat! Now that I’ve made them I’ll continue to experiment.

      Thanks for the well wishes!

  4. Pam:

    I love roast potatoes but I also boil the potatoes first and then put them in the roasting pan when the meat is nearly done. It is nice with the gold brown coating and then soft inside. They aren’t the same when you start with RAW uncooked potatoes. Also if you leave them overnight in the fridge and then cut them into round circles, you can pan fry them with your bacon and eggs.

    after the potatoes are boiled you can mash them up and add butter. Mmm, they are creamy and makes for a nice side dish

    Riding the Wet Coast

  5. I am feeling for you! It would have been so hard for me to off the bike in the spring and summer; it was challenging enough in the winter …
    The potatoes look yummy!
    keeping my fingers crossed for good news at your next visit!

  6. Hmmm I think I am going to try these! Hope you get good news from your neuro when you see him/her and can start riding again.

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