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Problem Solved

This past riding season I met a few female motorcyclists as I was out and about. My problem was I would ask them about sharing their story on my blog, but usually I didn’t have a pen and paper to write down my blog address and neither did the gal I met. There was many a missed opportunity to connect. Well enter

My mini-Moo blog cards! has a couple of different sizes and paper choices. And it gives you the opportunity to personalize both sides! Woot-woot. I choose the mini-Moo cards with a matte finish, then created five sayings in two different colors on one side and put my blog URL on the other side. Yay! Now I’m ready to connect with more lady riders!

P.S. I’m still looking to add stories to Profile of a Female Motorcyclist! Let me know if you are interested. Leave a comment or email me at:

P.P.S. The link to is a referral link. You’ll get 10% off your first order.

Tis the Season

I’m not familiar with Wieden + Kennedy, but love the Advent Calendar they created for the neighborhood! Check out this short video.

I’m Back!

It’s been quite a while since my last blog post on July 30, 2011. A lot has happened since then – mostly good. The not so good kept me off the bike most of last year, but that is over!! Yay!

I’ve also become a grandmother this past October. Unfortunately, my grandson is 1500 miles away. But, I’ve taken three trips in five months to see him. He’s adorable.

Hubby and I are also going to increase our family. We are adopting a 2005 Suzuki 650 VStrom! I am so excited that this year we will finally be able to ride together! Here’s a preview of my other “new” baby!

2005 Suzuki 650 VStrom

We are looking to pick-up the bike later this week. The weather looks like it is going to cooperate with lots of sun and upper 60s! Yay!!

Can’t wait to get back into riding, blogging, and tweeting this year! Missed y’all!

P.S. I’ll post new pictures of our newest addition latter this week! And I’ll have to work on changing my header bar picture!!

Saturday’s Adventure

Hubby and I took a nice drive to Sport Wheels again! On the way we stopped at the Crofut Family Winery where we happened upon a free wine tasting.


Found a buffalo at the winery!


Tasted some fine wine. My favs? The River Valley White, Northwood’s Red, and the sweet dessert wine Essence du Nord. Now off to Sport Wheels.

You just never know what you will find at Sport Wheels with over six acres of motorcycles and parts! Here are a few gems we saw today!

Didn’t catch the name of this one! Looked cool with it’s two front and two rear tires! I don’t believe it was in working condition.


Vintage 450 Honda


Hubby reminisced about high school friends who owned this bad boy – an older Honda 450! It was in pretty good shape and in working order! Check out Sport Wheel’s collector page.

I found this Ducati Falcon Ricshaw in the back corner of the warehouse. It is in rough shape but still very cool to see!


Ducati Falcon Rickshaw


The last item I’ll share is a vintage bicycle. Talk about a Coca Cola classic!


Vintage Coca Cola bicycle


There were lots of other motorcycles too numerous to mention! We are scoping out our next purchase for hubby … unless I find a new favorite!

Call Ripley’s I’ve got one for the record!

I have met one of the coolest motorcycle salesmen ever!! After my last post I was beginning to believe it wasn’t possible. Let me tell you how this all came about … my husband surprised me and brought me to a motorcycle dealer about 30 minutes from our home called the Hitching Post. This dealer carries Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Yamaha motorcycles!

Not that I was screaming for joy when he pulled in the parking lot, but let’s just say I was at the front door before he was even out of the car! When we entered hubs went right for the bikes and I lagged behind looking at the clothing. A guy behind the parts counter yelled over to say hi to me. {I did look around to make sure he was talking to me.} Wow. Great first impression.

After poking around the accessories, I went and found hubby talking with Tim one of the salesman. When I walked up Tim immediately acknowledged me and congratulated me on getting my motorcycle license. He also included me in on their conversation about the motorcycle hubs was sitting on.


Tim S. super star salesman from the Hitching Post


The fun part for me was that Tim asked me so many questions! Like how long have I been riding, what kind of cycle do I ride, how’s it for handling, did I wear all my gear, and so much more! Now many of you are thinking I must have died and gone to heaven, but that is not the case. In fact, I saw woman who came in alone to look at motorcycles and another salesman approached and talked with her. It’s a miracle! Okay, joking aside it was very refreshing for me to finally engage in a conversation with this salesman who was interested in talking with me. I felt validated.

In the end Tim did a great job of talking to both of us. Whether my hubby was with me or not I believe Tim would have treated me the same – as a bona fide motorcyclist!

Hitching Post, you get a helmet nod from me!

One Shameless Plug for Good Nutrition

You do not need to look far to hear someone talking about their health, especially if their health is suffering. A few years ago that was the case in my house. Hubby came home from the doctor with high cholesterol, elevated blood pressure, and the onset of rheumatoid arthritis (translate that to joint pain, continuously). Needless to say this was a wake-up call that turned into a loud alarm when he started taking methotrexate for the rheumatoid arthritis. I won’t go into it, but the side affects of that drug were so awful he had to stop taking it.

What this did was push us into looking for a better way to combat the health issues. Diet and exercise topped the list. We have several exercise DVD programs so it was just a matter of using them.  The diet part wasn’t that bad either because we both know what makes for a healthy meal or snack so we bought the good stuff! What we did next has changed hubby’s health. Through a lot of research and trying different things we found a nutritional product that brought with it some phenomenal results*. It is amazing what the human body will do with the right nutrition.

When hubs went back for his annual health exam the report was: cholesterol dropped over 50 points and now in the normal range; blood pressure normal; rheumatoid arthritis pain under control through natural supplements. I’m not claiming a miracle cure, but what we’ve found is a product that has actually changed our health. I have family and friends who are also experiencing results that have benefited their health too*.

I invite you to try it too. The company offers a 30 day, empty bottle, 100% money back guarantee. If you want to know more about the products go here. We are brand partners and do benefit from any purchases. We would take the product whether or not there were financial benefits. Here’s to your good health!

*Disclaimer: This post is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Individual results may vary. You may not experience the same results.

Dress, Heels, and Toes!

Last weekend was my son’s wedding! Remember my post about shopping for a dress? I did find one and it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be!

Here I am with a couple of my favorite guys!

Enough about me, shopping and my dress! I want to share a little about my new daughter-in-law. I’ve always said if you want to see what kind of man a guy is meet his wife (if he’s married).  How a husband and wife treat each other reveals a lot! Does she respect him? Does he treat her kindly? Are they better together than they would be separately? Looking for answers to these types of questions will reveal a lot about both of them.

When my son and then girlfriend started dating it was immediately evident that she made him a better man by how she talked to him and treated him. As a mom, that is all I needed to see; my son was in good hands. I’m looking forward to getting to know my daughter-in-law even more, but one thing I do know is that she loves heels! How great is that??

I don’t have a picture of the shoes that she wore at the wedding (a sweet pair of hot pink heels), but here is a picture of the heels she had on a couple of days later! And check out the toes too, especially painted for the wedding.

Aren't these cute?!

Check out the "I Do" toes!

I Want to LOOK like a Woman on my Motorcycle!

My first riding jacket is a man’s because I have long arms! Most women’s clothing usually runs short in the sleeves. I was willing to live with this …

My first riding jacket.

I love Twitter … track with me here … because I found what I hope to be my future replacement jacket! I’d resigned myself to wearing ugly riding gear until I checked out @LAScooterGirls web site! I was smitten at first sight of their coats! Check out these pictures! They don’t sell directly to the public, but do have a list of brick n mortar as well as online dealers on their sight. These images are from Nobilivity.

Scooter Girls Grey Trench Jacket

Scooter Girls Military Jacket (My personal favorite!)

Over the top ... Scooter Girls Hologram Jacket

I am so excited to find out that a local Minnesota scooter dealer will be carrying the GoGo Gear line in a couple of weeks! I can’t wait to try on these awesome coats! Oh … I think I failed to mention the have CE approved armor in the shoulders, elbows, and back!

Shopping Detour!

I’d like to take a little detour from all things motorcycle to rant about that fact I need a dress from my son’s wedding in 25 days. I’ve been so out of the mood to shop for clothes {see my March 27 post}. In the past my daughter has been my shopping partner; she knows my style and can put together an outfit that works for me. The stinker went and got married almost four years ago, then they moved 1500 miles away.

Guys have it so easy. Hubby gets to rent a tux. He didn’t have to make a decision on color or style. Just get measured and place an order. Why can’t it be that easy for women?! Where is Tim Gunn when you need him? Or Clinton and Stacy? I desperately need a dress. I’d like to find something that looks good without looking like a middle aged/50+ year old women trying to be 20 again!

Okay. That’s my rant. I need a dress for my son’s wedding in 25 days. Think I can do it?

Shopping with a Plan!

Oh my gosh! Shopping for a motorcycle is worse than shopping for shoes! Yes. You read that right. Too many choices under one roof. I was in decision overload. Thank God for a clear thinking husband!!

We went to Sport Wheels in Jordan, MN which is about an hour south of where I live. They have a ton of motorcycles, from new to old, ready to go to repairable, as well as a ton of parts and accessories! We viewed their inventory online and had an idea of what bikes we would be looking at on a list.

Sport Wheels in Jordan, MN

When we arrived we walked around the large warehouse that doubled as the “show room.” The motorcycles in here went from vintage to last year’s models. We found an older automatic Honda decked out with a fairing, a 2009 Suzuki Boulevard M50, and a vintage 1969 Honda 450 that needed restoration. The variety was awesome and confusing at the same time.

That’s where the list came in handy. My hubby narrowed down the search to several bikes he thought we would be able to share until I get enough experience under my belt to get another bike. Even though I have my motorcycle endorsement, I haven’t driven over 20 MPH or outside of a parking lot! Yes. I need to practice some more to gain experience and confidence.

We went up to the main building to get someone to help us when to my surprise the person that came out was a woman. Okay, I’m still getting over the fact that there ARE women who like to ride and know about bikes! Kim and her husband own the place. She does know her stuff! Kim started to walk us around pointing out things she thought would be of interest to us as she helped us find the bikes on our list.

Around and around the warehouse we went sitting on different bikes, starting the more interesting ones. We both took a turn comparing and contrasting several bikes until we narrowed it down to two motorcycles. Which one did we choose? Stayed tuned.