And the Verdict is …

I went back to the neurologist this week for another MRI and MRA. My sister came with me. She was very happy not being the patient 🙂 Well the verdict is no riding, at least for now. The left vertebral artery is healing, but still has a ways to go. The doctor doesn’t want me to risk another “event” especially since there’s no clear cause of the first dissection. I’m bummed, but when he spelled out the continued risk it was rather sobbering.

The same goes with exercising. I have to start slow and see how it goes. No crazy work outs for now. I also need to be careful turning my head or moving it up and down. Gentle movements.

The good news is I can stop taking the rat poison or as it is called by the medical community, Warfarin (Coumadin). I am thrilled to be off of that stuff so I can get back to eating green veggies!! I’ve lusted over a spinach salad more than once these past seven months. The neurologist has me taking one 325 mg tablet of aspirin every day for preventitive measures against a stroke. Stroke is still a risk, lower than before, but still a risk. I know what you’re thinking … some people have all the fun!

Put on your helmet, buckle up your boots, and zip up your jackets friends – take a nice ride for me!

P.S. I’d still like to feature female motorcyclists. Ladies? Any takers? Email me at pamela(dot)court(at)gmail(dot)com and I’ll send over the questions.



13 responses to “And the Verdict is …

  1. pam

    here is a test without any HTML coding and no links

    bob skoot

  2. pam

    Oh Oh, this time I forgot to enter a comment, but I am thrilled that this seemed to work

    bob skoot

  3. pam:

    thank you for helping me, I am so happy that you are getting better, even though you are forbidden to ride but getting rid of the warfarin is good. Just listen to your Doctor

    bob skoot

  4. Baby steps – but really great news! I am eagerly awaiting the day we can take a little bike ride together 🙂 Oh, I know what you mean about craving greens. Not.

  5. It is a bummer that you can’t ride, but health comes first.

    I am glad you are doing better and healing. Now go eat another of those huge salad you’ve been craving!!

    • Trobairitz,
      I’ve been buying and eating all sorts of green veggies! Seriously. Oh so good. I’m a bit bummed about riding, but I’m hopeful for the future.

  6. I’m so glad that your are healing! Did the neurologist say if he thought complete healing would occur? When do you go back?
    I’ll take you along with me on my next ride 🙂

    • LB – Thanks for taking me with on your next ride 🙂 I don’t need to go back unless I have another “event.” The doctor mentioning the future risk mainly because we don’t know how it happened so do I want to take a chance?! Gave me something to think about …

  7. Princess Scooterpie/Moto_Diva

    Pam, most of the time in the Neuro world healing is a very slow process. Sending good vibes your way and tucking you and your family in my prayers as always.

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