Extreme Barbie Jeep Racing?!

This looks fun … fully ATGATT of course!

6 responses to “Extreme Barbie Jeep Racing?!

  1. Somehow I just don’t think Barbie would approve. But I think it is hilarious and gives me a new outlook on some of the OHV areas around here. hehe

  2. That… was… awwwwwesome! Reminds me of the crazy guys I used to ride ATV’s with. They were always doing crazy crap like that. But you? Who knew you were one of those extreme sport wackos? I’m guessing you’re kinda like Granny in Hoodwinked. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zehHkliG7_w

    Yes? No?

  3. Wow, there is crazy, and then there is craaaaazzzzyyy. It does look like they are having too much fun though. I’d end up with a broken limb for sure.

  4. haha new boys toys? I think I would take the higher ground as a spectator though.

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