Motorcycle Ride to Taylor Falls, Minnesota

What a beautiful day to take a ride with hubby on our motorcycles! We decided to head out to Taylor Falls, Minnesota.

Our route to Taylor Falls, MN – 100 miles round trip

The ride  there and back was wonderful. Slightly windy, but nothing like the wind gust I experienced a couple a weeks ago. You know the kind that throw your head back if you’re not paying attention! We saw lots of other riders. Love getting the head nod or the hand signal as you pass.

When we pulled into town there were motorcycles all over the place! I snapped a few pictures of some of them. Take a look!

Captured some of the motorcycles we saw today!

We parked the bikes and scoped out a place to eat! We chose Romayne’s because they serve charbroiled burgers.

We dined at Romayne’s in the outdoor garden.

While we ate some very yummy burgers we watched the all the bikers riding up and down the street. I did see a lot of women riding solo today. Unfortunately, most of them were not ATGATT.

Typical of the riders I saw today – partial gear!

Of course you can’t leave town without having some ice cream! And there just happened to be Schoony’s Old Fashion Ice Cream across the street – dessert is in my future!

Yay! An ice cream place right across the street!!

Not only did I get dessert, but hubby bought me a pretty necklace to commemorate the trip!

Here’s our VStroms, us, and the necklace I got today!

Then it was time to head home, but first a stop at Franconia Sculpture Park. What an amazing park! An eclectic collection of art, a huge play area for kids, an amphitheater, and clean bathrooms!

Franconia Sculpture Park

In the middle of one section of the park, there was preparation for a wedding. What an unusual, but awesome setting!

A group was setting up for a wedding ceremony in the park too!

What an enjoyable day! I hope your Saturday was awesome too!!


7 responses to “Motorcycle Ride to Taylor Falls, Minnesota

  1. A sculpture park, that is really cool. What a great idea.

  2. What a fun time to ride in the sunshine, have a great lunch (and dessert) and then have cool things to wander around and see. That sculpture park looks like lots of fun.

    I love the pic of you and hubby. It shows how happy you are to be riding together. It makes me smile.

  3. Whenever we ride thru Taylors Falls we stop for Ice cream! That is our perfect Biker day. Big breakfast at some local cafe, ice cream in the afternoon and a nice dinner wherever we are when it is getting dark:)

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