New Skill Added to my Repertoire

Lately my hubby and I have been catching some Top Shot on Netflix. It is quite a show with skilled marksmen and women competing in historically based events. After watching a couple really talented women on the show I posted on my Facebook page I’d love to try shooting. It didn’t take but a day to be invited by a coworker to women’s night at Metro Gun Club.

My first event was indoor shooting a 22 caliber handgun. (I have no clue what gun I was using.) I received one-on-one training on gun safety and handling. I’m a lefty and just happened to have a left handed trainer! I took my first shot and it was in the black circle at 12 o’clock. Second shot 7 o’clock in the black. Then I grouped the next three fairly tight. Wow. That was fun! My second round first shot hit just shy of center! Again, the rest of the shots fell within the black ring. Beginner’s luck I’m sure.

Recently Updated5

Gun safety and handling training before shooting. Check out my shots!

After finishing up here I headed outside to try my hand shooting a rifle. This time I happened to catch the name a Remington 1100. This time my instructor was a young lady. I believe someone said she is a former Miss Minnesota.

Receiving instruction using a Remington 1100

Receiving instruction using a Remington 1100

Pull then fire

Pull then fire

This time I wasn’t as lucky. I missed the clay pigeon three times. But, please notice I was doing this in my wedge sandals! I don’t know what I was thinking. I knew I was going to the gun club straight from work. My blog is called Helmet or Heels so I guess it fits!

At the end of the evening they called all the women back to see who won the indoor target shooting. They called out me and another woman! What?! Apparently, we tied for first place. To break the tie we had to pick a number between 1 and 10. I lost, but had a lot fun!

Tied for first place indoor shooting!

Tied for first place indoor shooting!

I didn't pick the right number and lost but still had a boat-load of fun!

I didn’t pick the right number and lost but still had a boat-load of fun!

Well, maybe saying I added a new skill to my repertoire is a bit of an overstatement. It was more of an experience!

P.S. Please don’t go all anti-gun on me because what I did was in a controlled environment with professional supervision at a gun range.

9 responses to “New Skill Added to my Repertoire

  1. It’s addictive, isn’t it? 🙂 Do you think you will be going back?

  2. Hey, now you can bounty hunt in all your spare time 🙂
    Nice job!

  3. I hope someone wouldn’t go anti-gun on you – you were at a range for craps sakes, couldn’t be safer.

    My boss took hubby and I out to the range for a morning of shooting a few years ago. I think he has about 20 guns he takes out. He does it for people that are thinking of getting one and lets them try all the different models and sizes.

    It is a popular sport in these parts. And yes an expensive one with the price of bullets.

    And good on you for tying for first place first time out.

  4. It is an expensive hobby these days and it seems to be difficult to find ammunition these days. But that’s another story. Congratulations on the tie for first place, and (you say) on your first time out! My son used to shoot competitively in high school and the competitions were like watching paint dry.

  5. My wife and I go shoot as well as ride our bikes!!!!! LOL

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