One goal completed!

At today’s class the weather was again very cool, rainy, and windy. Thankfully the rain stopped after an hour or two. Most of the skills that we would be learning today were the skills we would be tested on at the end of the class. We drove around the perimeter to experience riding over 2 x 4s that were laid in four spots. We learned to do a figure eight in a box, a very small box! Out of the eleven in the class only one guy dropped his cycle during this exercise. We also learned to swerve left and right, as well as make a sudden stop. We also reviewed making turns. And then the defining moment came … test time! Yipes. We went one at a time through four different skills. There were a couple of people who had to redo one of the skills. No one fell off or violated any other safety skill that would cause immediate flunking.

In the end all eleven, three of which were women, passed the test! I would highly recommend this course to new riders!  Below is a video highlighting the two day course.

2 responses to “One goal completed!

  1. Oh, man! I got all excited thinking that Geoff had turned rebel and snuck some video footage. Instead I get a stock video. Oh well, it sounds like no one really had any great wipeouts anyway. Darn.

    Glad you passed all your tests. So have you decided which bike you’ll be buying yet? You know you’re going to be itching to ride soon.

    When you do, just be careful. As I’m sure Geoff has told you, auto drivers get stupid around bikes. Good luck and have fun! And no wheelies!

  2. Congrats on passing the test! It’s such a great feeling isn’t it? 🙂

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