Start Seeing Motorcyles

I’ve seen this sticker on vehicles for years and today I finally found out where you get one – at a Motorcycle Basic Skills class taught by instructors from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation! I spent the evening learning all sorts of things about motorcycling. We went through the manual pictured above, watched videos, and had discussions all to prepare us for getting on motorcycles on Saturday and Sunday morning. The class ended with a fifty question test on the material we reviewed. I passed. One more step closer to my dream.

Start seeing motorcycles because I’m going to be on one soon!

One response to “Start Seeing Motorcyles

  1. butterbean carpenter

    Congratulations on being an intelligent person #1 !!!! The MSF course SHOULD BE TAKEN BEFORE YOU GET ON THE STREET!!!!!!!!! I didn’t
    have the opportunity(back in the ’40s) so I learned the hard way; I MEAN HARD WAY!!! After watching a demonstration of the skills taught I almost cried.. . I’d been riding over 40+ years at the time, crashed several bikes,
    spent time in the horspistal and have the scars to prove it… Motorcycling
    is next to heaven!!! Now I can’t even sit on a two-wheeler and sure can’t
    afford a trike, but still drool when they go ‘blasting’ down the hiway in
    front of the ranch…

    Smooth, curvy roads & cool, balmy breezes !!!!!!!!!

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