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No Riding, but a Tasty Recipe

Haven’t posted in a while mostly because I’m not riding. I’m counting down the days till my next appointment with the neurologist – 27 days in case you were wondering.

My motorcycle isn’t sitting still because my son has been riding it the last couple of weeks. Today was one of the harder days not being able to throw a leg over and ride to work because the weather was perfect with very little wind. If my hubby hadn’t taken his cycle to work I would have been very tempted to just do it.

Okay, I’m done whining … at least for today 🙂  Instead I’m going to share a recipe I kind of made up! It was very tasty.

Pam's Potatoes

Pam’s Potatoes

Pam’s Potatoes

2 lbs. Potatoes (I used organic red) – cut up

1 cup White Vinegar

1 tbsp Sea Salt (iodized)

3 tbsp butter

Ground black pepper

1 tsp.  Thyme

Place cut potatoes, vinegar, and salt in pot; add water to cover potatoes. Bring to boil and cook until tender. Drain the potatoes, then pat dry on a clean towel.

Heat butter in a large frying pan, add potatoes, salt and pepper to taste, and thyme. Stir potatoes until golden brown.

It is a very flavorful and easy side to make! Let me know if you tried the recipe.

P.S. If you can Help Me Kick My Sister’s Ovarian Cancer I would appreciate any gift large or small! xoxo

Snow, Seventies, and Motorcycles

I miss riding and the season has only begun! Today was in the seventies, sunny, and the windows were open. The sound of motorcycles filled the air.

Only in Minnesota do you have snow, seventies and motorcycles!

Only in Minnesota do you have snow, seventies and motorcycles!

Fall in Minnesota

The snow isn’t going to last long with temperatures going into the forties, but it sure is beautiful! Be careful my fellow Minnesotans it is slick out there!

Fall in Minnesota

Fall in Minnesota

Calling all Female Motorcyclists!

The riding season for me here in Minnesota is pretty much finished. I don’t have the gear to ride in the cold. Hubby and I were not able to do as much riding as we hoped. Looking forward to next year.

You maybe like me and winter is slowly descending upon you. You longingly gaze out at your motorcycle while bundled up in your winter woollies hoping for another sunny 50 degree day when a blast of cold air brings you back to reality. The optimist inside thinks it could happen it is only November. Sigh.

Here she is like a caged beast at the zoo, my Suzy Suzuki 650 VStrom.

Here she is like a caged beast at the zoo, my Suzuki 650 VStrom.

Focus Pam … this is where I turn outward to vicariously “ride” through all the fabulous lady riders I’ve met! And send a call out to meet more! If you are a female motorcyclist and would like to add your story to my series Profile of a Female Motorcyclist shoot me an email at pamela(dot)court(at)gmail(dot)com < trying to keep the spammers at bay!

Your story, your ride, your experience are all unique! We – your fellow female motorcyclists – need to hear your story too. xoxo

Can’t ride, so let’s laugh!

Rain, followed by more rain and then storms. That about sums up the last couple of days. Enjoy!

Wind and Road Snakes!

Yesterday coming home from work I took a more covered route because of the wind. A little too gusty for two-wheels! There’s only one open stretch on the road I took and almost lost it twice. I’m guessing many of you have experienced that type of wind. The sudden burst of wind that hits from the side and you feel your bike being pushed out from under you. Yup. That was the kind of wind we had here. 

A little farther down the road I ended up in a residential area with a lot of cover so I knew the wind wouldn’t be such a hazardous factor.  But, there was another hazard that was new to me. Road snakes. It’s not what you think. Road snakes are that toilet paper tar road crack filler used around these parts! They look innocent enough, but if you hit them at the right angle on two wheels they can be rather slippery!

Minnesota Road Snakes

Minnesota Road Snakes

Well, I had my first encounter with some fresh ones shortly after getting out of the wind! There were many of these road snakes running parallel with me and I could feel the motorcycle wobble a little. Yikes! Kept everything upright. Big win!

What is that stuff? Looks like toilet paper and tar!

What is that stuff? Looks like toilet paper and tar!

These photos are from today and not the ones I encountered yesterday, but you get the idea. Do you have road snakes by you?

Profile of a Female Motorcyclist: Meet Dani

My next guest Dani Kelly is from Los Angeles, CA and we met via Twitter! You can find her @DaniKelly1. Dani is a multi-talented gal besides motorcycling she also is an actress, singer, dancer, and model! You can learn more about Dani and her career on her website DaniKelly.com.

Dani Kelly

Dani Kelly

How long have you been riding a motorcycle? 5 years religiously, first started at age 7.

How did you learn to ride? I didn’t get good until I was in my twenties and took a class.

What was your first motorcycle? The first one I bought myself was a 2008 Harley Davidson 1200XL Custom Sportster in Cherry Black

How many have you owned? 6

Why did you want to ride a motorcycle? Freedom. I ride for the autonomy, for something that is mine and mine alone that no one can take away. I ride because I feel skilled and capable and empowered. Also, it beats the traffic!

Dani Kelly

Tell us about your riding. I’ve ridden to Sturgis on a 28 day trip with three friends when I was 25 that changed my life. I ride daily. I love long rides on Sunday mornings.

What advice do you have for women who ride or want to ride a motorcycle? I say do it! Take a course, pair up with other riders who will teach you and protect you on the road, learn what they know and go from there.

What is the longest trip that you’ve taken on your cycle? I rode cross country for 28 days all the way through Arizona, Utah, Montana, Wisconsin, South Dakota, Idaho, Oregon, California and I can’t even think of where else. I saw the arches national park which looks like the old Wile E. Coyote/Road Runner cartoons, I have seen Monument Valley, waterfalls, ruins, forests, mountains, deserts, I have ridden alongside a baby burro which was one of the biggest high’s of my life, I’ve seen Buffalo on a Mesa overlooking my bike, there aren’t words for the amazing things I’ve seen, done, people I’ve met….

Do you belong to any motorcycle groups? Unofficially I have a click of AMAZING women and we are very tightly intertwined… and a few guys too!

Do you have a favorite riding story? I have a million! Where to begin, what to start with. LOL One of my best friends and I were riding in Wyoming and it began to drizzle. She wanted to stop to put on her rain gear and I instead was like no the drizzle feels good. Well in less than an hour it was hailing with thunder and lighting and buckets of rain. I was drenched head to toe, my jeans weighing me down while she was dry. I was so cold. We stopped at four or five motels, all of which had no vacancy. I begged to pay for a room, not have a room, and just let me dry my clothes but you had to have a room to do so. She was laughing for hours while I froze my ass off. I’ve never argued with that woman since when it comes to riding!

On another occasion we were in Montana somewhere and hadn’t seen a gas station for miles. My little Sportie lasted about 120 miles between tanks and we were long past that. We pulled off into this abandoned town looking for gas because we had no options. We found people cooking chicken and they told us insane stories of bloodshed over water in that town and to be careful and sold us a gallon for I think $20? If not more. It was definitely eerie.

What do you do when you’re not riding? I hike, I model, I play with my puppy, I drive to the beach and meditate, I work on articles, I sing, I dance, I sip wine and spend time with my AMAZING boyfriend. I do a lot!