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Call Ripley’s I’ve got one for the record!

I have met one of the coolest motorcycle salesmen ever!! After my last post I was beginning to believe it wasn’t possible. Let me tell you how this all came about … my husband surprised me and brought me to a motorcycle dealer about 30 minutes from our home called the Hitching Post. This dealer carries Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Yamaha motorcycles!

Not that I was screaming for joy when he pulled in the parking lot, but let’s just say I was at the front door before he was even out of the car! When we entered hubs went right for the bikes and I lagged behind looking at the clothing. A guy behind the parts counter yelled over to say hi to me. {I did look around to make sure he was talking to me.} Wow. Great first impression.

After poking around the accessories, I went and found hubby talking with Tim one of the salesman. When I walked up Tim immediately acknowledged me and congratulated me on getting my motorcycle license. He also included me in on their conversation about the motorcycle hubs was sitting on.


Tim S. super star salesman from the Hitching Post


The fun part for me was that Tim asked me so many questions! Like how long have I been riding, what kind of cycle do I ride, how’s it for handling, did I wear all my gear, and so much more! Now many of you are thinking I must have died and gone to heaven, but that is not the case. In fact, I saw woman who came in alone to look at motorcycles and another salesman approached and talked with her. It’s a miracle! Okay, joking aside it was very refreshing for me to finally engage in a conversation with this salesman who was interested in talking with me. I felt validated.

In the end Tim did a great job of talking to both of us. Whether my hubby was with me or not I believe Tim would have treated me the same – as a bona fide motorcyclist!

Hitching Post, you get a helmet nod from me!