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Does it really have to get worse, before it gets better?

Apparently the answer is yes in my neighborhood. Just when I thought the local road construction was finishing up … another road has been reduced to gravel and mud. Although it rained today, the forcast is hot and sunny for the weekend. That should dry up and harden the mud to make riding out of the ‘hood much easier this weekend.

Bars up, rubber down! Ride safe my friends.

If you want to know what all the noise was last night …

In case you heard angels singing and trumpets blaring last night it was heaven rejoicing with me because I was able to ride the motorcycle!! Talk about pee in your pants excitement!

The motorcycle was a little reluctant to start, but finally turned over. I had butterflies I was so excited about getting out again. I negiotated through the road construction on the gravel slowly and kept the bike upright! Remember my last encounter with gravel I was not so lucky. When I got out to the county road I opened it up and sailed down the road. The weather was clear. The only thing I had to be aware of were the wind gusts. Those had me holding on tight and occasionally leaning to stay upright. Makes for a good core work out. Let’s just say in the end it felt really great.

I am very thankful to have gotten out because today’s weather forcast brings more severe storms to Minnesota. I heard on the radio that Minnesota has had more tornados this year than Texas! How is that possible? I am so looking forward to fall with cooler calmer weather that is better for riding.

If there is a window of clear weather tonight guess what I’m going to do? Ride safe friends!

Are the Stars Aligned?

This past Sunday it seemed that the stars and the planets aligned for me to finally take the motorcycle for a ride! My heart was racing I was so excited! It had been far too long since I rode, mostly because of the weather. Minnesota has been experiencing 80-90 degree weather with humidity to match, along with severe storms. My gear is so hot and heavy I felt it could be dangerous during those heat waves.

BUT that all changed on Sunday. The temperature and humidity finally dropped! I had all the gear on, did the pre-ride check of the bike. Got on, put the key in, adjusted the choke, flipped the red switch, and pushed the start button. “Va-room!” is what I was hoping to hear. Instead I heard “click, click, click.” What?! I got off the bike and check to make sure the fuel line was open again. Tried again. Nothing. My heart went from racing to broken. No ride today. Sad face.

My hubby was working and unavailable to talk to, so I Twittered about it. I suspected a dead battery. Within a few minutes one of my Twitter friends confirmed that’s the most likely problem. I also learned that when motorcycles sit for a while they can lose their charge. {Note to self: if you’re not riding regularly start the bike occasionally to keep the battery charged.}

The good news is hubby jump started the cycle and took it out for a ride to charge the battery! I love my hubby!! If all goes as I hope I should be back out on the roads this week. Except for all the roads around me under construction and down to the gravel base … which presents a whole new set of challenges! I will find a way!

Bars up, rubber down! Ride safe friends.

Here’s a glimpse of what my neighborhood looks like!

Minnesota has two seasons: winter & road construction!