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Memorial Purse in Honor of my Mom

Last week I flew into Chicago, joined my older sister on a flight to Houston to see our younger sister. My younger sister’s home flooded back in June while they were on vacation! Think Texas, June, six or so inches of standing water for a week in a house shut-up tighter than a drum. Not a pretty sight and an even worse smell. Needless to say her house has been stripped down to the 2 x 4s. The insurance company has moved the four of them into a two bedroom apartment. Tight squeeze with the addition of my older sister and me for a week.

Last year about this time my older sister and I drove my mom down to Texas to visit my sister and her family. {I’d like to publicly thank @toddmccann for the best directions ever!} We lost our mom this past March so this trip was a bittersweet anniversay. While we were together we celebrated our mom’s birthday (9/27) by shopping for new lipstick and purses. Why?  Because last year when we were all together in Texas my mom bought us all a new purse.

So here I present you with my new purse! It is black leather with silver studs! The two front pockets have very cool studded zipper pulls. Another more discrete zipper pocket on the back of the purse. The main body of the purse has great pockets and storage and the whole thing can be zipped shut! I’m a fan! What do you think? Kind of has a motorcycle feel, yes?

My new purse in memory of my mom.