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Oh for the Love of Pinterest!

I’ll admit to having a slight addiction to Pinterest [that may be true if we took the word “slight” out]. All the fashion, food, crafts, and ideas are at times irresistible and at other times make me wish I was more of a Martha Stewart. Do you pin?

I recently came across a couple of blogs that are dedicated to Pinterest fails! Yes. You read that right, they center around trying what they’ve found on Pinterest and posting the results. Here are a couple of my faves!

Water Marble Nail Tutorial (here’s a link to many how-to marble nail pins on Pinterest.) Check out the how-to pin verses I really tried it pin!

Image from HeyNiceNails.com

Image from HeyNiceNails.com

Anyone try the “Water Marble Nail” tutorial? Did it work? Love to know. Pictures would be even better!

This next one had me laughing because I’m pretty sure I would have the same results!

Chocolate Covered Pretzels – Pin verses Experience 

Follow the link to the blog to read how the author created her reproduction and what she is going to do next time!

Okay, you get the drift that there are many ideas that fail miserably, but I’m here to tell about a few successes I’ve had with Pinterest. I need to preface it with I didn’t document these with photos. My bad – I need to remember to pick-up [and learn how to use] the camera before embarking on these discoveries! So here goes sans any personal photos.

I have a favorite blush brush that I’ve had for several years [the ends had chunks of yuck] and I was getting ready to throw it out the second I found a suitable replacement … until PINTEREST!!  Out of all the tutorials on how to clean make-up brushes I chose this one on Mixed Method. I followed Kimberly’s directions and it worked beautifully! I now have a clean blush brush. Success!

My second success I want to share is from a pin that led me to the blog Tales + Tips > a real-life housewife post that explained how to clean small stainless steel appliances. Check out Kim’s before and after pictures of her stainless steel toaster. In my case it was a toaster oven that hubby and I have had for a few years. It was covered with brownish spots on the stainless steel as well as on the glass door. I followed her directions, used a bit of elbow grease, and the results are amazing. Success #2!

How about you? Do you pin? Have you tried anything you’ve found? Success or failure? Do share!

Anyone know of a Pinterest support group?

Anyone know of a Pinterest support group?