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Testing 1, 2, 3, Testing

After picking up the motorcycle manual and flipping through a few pages I quickly realized that this test was not going to be easy! I am pretty clueless when it comes to the rules of the road for motorcycling. I don’t even know which hand has the brake lever and which the clutch. And what is a troddle?! Hard to believe someday I will have a license and cycle. {You’ve been warned. LOL}

I put myself on a deadline to take the permit test. My driver’s license was expiring on my birthday, so I decided to take the test when I went in to renew that. It gave me about six weeks to study up.┬áThe manual went every where with me. Any chance I had I read it. I even took it with on vacation!

The day finally arrived to take my test and renew my driver’s license. I showed up before the test center opened and got in line behind a couple of sixteen year olds. When the center opened we each walked in and had to say why we were there. When I said to take the motorcycle permit test the teens glanced over and chuckled. Okay, I don’t look like a typical biker, at least not like the ones we see on TV.

While the kids were waiting for their driving test I was brought over to take the written test. I felt like I was sixteen again and feeling the same pressure that these kids were under to pass! My test was on a computer and the results are given in real time. Awk. That means I’ll know immediately if I passed or failed.

I forgot how many questions there were on the test, but I passed. {It’s my Birthday! It’s my Birthday!} I think I only got one wrong. It was about insurance. I didn’t even remember reading about that sort of thing! The good news is I remembered everything else! In the state of Minnesota holding a motorcycle permit allows you to ride during the day with a helmet and eye protection as long as you stay off the highways. Now I just need to learn how to drive one. That’s coming. I’m going to take a basic training class in the spring. Until then I am legal to drive one!