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2011 Minnesota Snowpocalypse*

Last week Minneapolis temperature were heading towards 50 degrees F (10 C)! Since yesterday we’ve had between 12 – 18 inches (30.48 – 45.72 cm) of snow! Last week I had hope spring was coming and with it riding my motorcycle. Today, well it snowed … a lot!

I am very grateful my employer gave us the day off! After cleaning the snow off the driveway a couple of times, hubby and I took Kitty out back! Here’s some pictures!

The backyard woods

The is Kitty!

She likes chasing sticks!

Somebody stole her stick!

Kitty stuck her tongue out at him!

Kitty also likes looking through the wood pile for mice.

Bye-bye! Time to go in and warm up!

*Snowpocalypse – When weathermen predict large amounts of snowfall in a short period of time. {source}