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Profile of a Female Motorcyclist: Meet Rene’

I’m so glad my friend Rene’ and fellow Minnesotan is joining with her story! I’ve known Rene’ about four and a half years. I always knew she could ride, just didn’t own a motorcycle until … let’s let Rene’ tell her story!

I grew up in the “country” and we had mini bikes long before we had pedal bikes.  I started out on a Honda 50 before I even entered Kindergarten.  I have two sisters and we each had our own little Honda 50 … then as we grew, my dad replaced the 50’s with 70’s and then ’90’s … then as we were older, our friends had dirt bikes and so we usually rode Yamaha’s 125’s and 250’s.

Then my dad bought me an 250 Exciter and my mom a 650 Shadow which is what I preferred to ride because the 250 was a little small … then I “grew up,” went to college and got married.

I have always wanted to get back on a bike but money was very tight when we started out, then “life” came … kids, work … but I never lost the desire to get back on a bike.  I have been married 25 years with five kids. My husband finally agreed that it was “time.”

We purchased a Harley Davidson – 1200 Sportster full of chrome [can you say shiney?].  I have to admit, sometimes I just go out in the garage at look at it because it is just so pretty.  But then, riding it … wow.  I was nervous at first to get back on a bike because it has been so long, but very quickly, I thought, “Yep…this feels right!”  My husband also got a Harley so that we could go riding together as he really did not want to ride on the back of mine … plus, he wasn’t invited to ride on the back of mine 🙂

Rene's sweet ride!

Rene’s sweet ride!

I enjoy riding because there is a sense of freedom with riding a motorcycle.  Freedom from “everyday thoughts”…. when I am riding, I am only thinking about the motorcycle, shifting, looking at the rode in front of me, thinking about how the bike feels, the wind, the sounds … everything else such as work, responsibilities … etc … goes “out the window” when I am on my bike.

I only have about five miles to ride to work and back, but yet, it is enough to change my mood.  I look forward to going to work because I get to ride my bike to work and then I find myself watching the clock for the end of the day when I get to get back on my bike.  Also, I find myself constantly thinking about the weather.

Riding a bike takes some thought … what can I wear to work today?  Did I grab my hair clips?  Will my lunch and work shoes fit in my saddle bags?  Do I need to stop at the grocery store after work today?  What is the weather like?  Do I have my sun glasses?  All that stuff – it takes longer to get going to work but it is all so worth it … just being on the bike, makes all the extra “thought” worth it.  I find myself smiling inside when I am on my bike. Other women usually say, “I just don’t get it” and I think … “Yep, if you have not been on a bike, then, yep, you probably don’t get it.” It’s something only other bikers can understand.  And I am glad to be part of this group.

Advice … I have not been back on the bike long enough to have any advice – maybe … it doesn’t matter what you hair looks like after a ride – all that matters, is that you rode!

When I am not riding, I am at work or home with my kids – and if I have any extra time, I love to read but those are rare times.