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Profile of a Female Motorcyclist: Meet Katherine a.k.a. @HarrieHarpist

I’m so excited about introducing my next lady motorcyclist! We “met” via Twitter her handle is @harrieharpist a.k.a. Katherine. She says she is also known by her school/bike/racing friends as Harrie (from her surname) and hails from Glasgow, Scotland. Katherine is a harpist (how cool is that ?!) and has a blog Strings Wings and Things! You know the drill … check it out!

How long have you been riding a motorcycle? Since I was 17, so 18 years this September.



How did you learn to ride? My first time riding a motorbike was actually on a speedway tryout course, but I took my UK road licence in the normal way – a day’s CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) first and then I took weekly lessons and rode everywhere on my little Honda H100 until I was ready for my full bike test. Some people do an intensive training programme and do the whole thing in 3 or 5 days, but I needed a bit longer to build up my confidence.

What was your first motorcycle? A beautiful blue Honda H100

How many have you owned? 11 altogether

Why did you want to ride a motorcycle? My dad has ridden since before I was born (and my mum has a licence too although she no longer rides) and I’m a daddy’s girl so wanted to go out on the back of his bike. I was hooked! He is really into speedway so he used to take me and my brother to watch a lot when we were younger. Now I take him to watch British Superbike races whenever I can.

Photo by Guy Cope Images www.copeimages.com

Photo by Guy Cope Images http://www.copeimages.com

Tell us about your riding. Commuter, pleasure, vacation, racing, or ? All of the above! I started riding when I was at (high) school but couldn’t afford the beautiful bikes I saw in all the magazines. When I started again in 2006 after a long break from riding, I had a good job so could pick and choose a bit more. I quickly moved from road riding to trackdays and then to racing. My bike was my main mode of transport for a while and I rode all year round. I still ride on the road although I haven’t ridden very much recently as I’ve moved and my road bike is still at my old house. I can’t wait to get it back!

What advice do you have for women who ride or want to ride a motorcycle? Just do it. Find a sympathetic instructor (doesn’t have to be a woman) preferably who isn’t a close friend/partner/related to you. Accept that if you want to have a good choice of bikes to ride, you may never get both feet on the floor. Don’t take no for an answer. If you fall off, get back up again with a smile even if it hurts. Ignore any stupid sexist comments you get in shops or on rides, just go elsewhere until you find somewhere that suits.

What is the longest trip that you’ve taken on your cycle? I rode to France once with my ex husband and a big group of fellow Ducati riders. The mission was Ashford (in Kent) to Omaha beach (one of the sites of the D-Day landings in Normandy in France) and back in a single day – more than 500 miles on bikes that weren’t renowned for their touring capabilities. We had a further 100 miles each way to ride from our house to get to Ashford, but we did these outside the 24 hours thank goodness. It was one of the most amazing adventures I’ve ever had. I came back with a bent bike and a severely bruised foot after pulling away with my side stand down, getting my foot stuck under the bike and taking out my front brake lever, but I’ll never forget the experience and the friends I made. There was torrential rain for the last leg back from Normandy to Calais for the Eurotunnel, then delays in the rain when we got to the terminal, but we all made it home with some great stories. By the time I got back to my bed, I’d been awake for 24 hours.

Photo by Guy Cope Images www.copeimages.com

Photo by Guy Cope Images http://www.copeimages.com

Do you belong to any motorcycle groups? Not any more, although I met most of my bike friends via internet forums in the UK.

Do you have a favorite riding story? I have so many! The French trip is up there, but I’ve also had some brilliant times racing. One of my favourite stories is from when I first started riding aged 17. I worked at a supermarket to earn the money for my insurance etc, and one of the other girls rode as well. One Sunday, we went for an evening ride after work. I was on my H100, she was on a really ratty AR50 so although we didn’t ride far, it took a while as we couldn’t go very fast. I think it was February or something.

Normally my dad hid my bike keys if it was icy as he knew I would try and ride regardless, but on this day I don’t think he had banked on me riding after work. It was so cold out, and when I got home I made the mistake of getting into a hot bath to warm up. When I got out of the bath, I passed out on the floor and came round to find my dad trying to help me up. For his troubles, I was sick all over his feet. It was my first experience of what extreme cold can do to your body and I am much more careful now!

Another favourite was my first ever time racing, which was a 3 hour moped endurance race. I was in a team of 3 with 2 other of my friends (both girls) riding a Honda C70 moped and it was brilliant. Another time I borrowed a friend’s R1 for a test ride with 5 other girls, all riding sports bikes. We stopped for lunch at quite a smart restaurant and caused quite a stir with our shiny bikes, leathers and helmet hair!

What do you do when you’re not riding? I’m a musician – I play the harp and have just returned to full time study, so I’m normally practicing or playing in a concert somewhere. I have two greyhounds and love spending time with them. Other than that, I love running and cycling, although they don’t quite give me the speed buzz I get from my motorbike. I haven’t ridden in a little while, but riding a motorbike is part of my identity and is my greatest passion.

Profile of a Female Motorcyclist: Meet Nadieh a.k.a. Shoots

I feel like I’ve only found the tip of the iceberg when it comes to meeting lady motorcyclists! I’m so thankful for all the women that have step forward and shared their stories. Each one unique, full of wisdom, and real life lessons to learn. Thank you!

Buckle your seat belts because I am headed to Rotterdam in the Netherlands to introduce you to Nadieh a.k.a. @Shoots40. Nadieh is a motorcycle racer! Check out her web site Nadieh-Racing.nl.

Nahieh a.k.a @Shoots40

Nahieh a.k.a @Shoots40

How long have you been riding a motorcycle? 3.5 years, plus 4 years of pocketbikes

How did you learn to ride? When I started out racing pocketbikes at 14, my dad took me to a big empty parking lot to do braking and turning drills preparing for my first race. I didn’t get ride a ‘real’ motorcycle with a clutch and suspension (’97 Aprilia RS250 street bike) on the track until I was 18, and was dragging my knee, foot peg and exhaust by the end of the first day … using skills I mostly learned from reading books.



What was your first motorcycle? The above mentioned 1997 Aprilia RS250.

'09 Aprilia 250

’09 Aprilia 250

How many have you owned? The Aprilia is the only one I fully paid for myself. But over the years I’ve had the pleasure of racing full seasons on a Ducati 749RS, Triumph Daytona 675R and Yamaha R6.

Why did you want to ride a motorcycle? I was tired of always watching others ride! Instead of spectating at a race, or being the passenger of either of my parents, all I wanted was to ride a bike myself. Lucky for me we discovered pocket-bikes.


Nadieh on a Ducati

Tell us about your riding. I’m a racer through and through. I took a few lessons last year to see if I wanted to get my license, but did not enjoy riding the streets at all. There are so many things and people to watch out for, to me it’s more like a chore. Also I have a tough enough time staying out of trouble driving a car (I’ve perfected the racing lines on local roundabouts, frequently push 70-75 on small back roads, etc). My budget doesn’t allow for the fines I’d surely pick up riding a bike. One day, when my competitive streak doesn’t have the upper hand anymore, I do hope to go on a motorcycle vacation in the mountains of Italy.

What advice do you have for women who ride or want to ride a motorcycle? Just do it and don’t let anyone tell you women are lesser riders for whatever reason, because that’s bullcrap! Other than that, always make sure you’re having fun.

What is the longest trip that you’ve taken on your cycle? I suppose that would have to be my over an hour stint in the 2012 WERA Endurance race at Miller Motorsports Park, haha. Which so far is also the furthest I’ve ever traveled to compete in a race.

Do you belong to any motorcycle groups? Closest to this would be the BWMRC Racing Team. This team was founded very recently, and its purpose is to help promote women in road racing (road as in Isle of Man). I’m lucky to be involved with the start-up process, and will be competing in road races for BWMRC in the future.


Do you have a favorite riding story? It’s hard to pick just one. The absolutely amazing 2 weeks I had at Miller last year with SGA Racing, the awesome 6-way battle at Brno during my first year in the 3D Cup. When purely about riding though, I’d have to go with my elbow down story. It was my second season of racing, and the first test with my new Triumph Daytona 675. On the last day clouds and lower temperatures prevented any improvement of lap times, so I was thinking of something else to do when I realized my elbow was dangerously close to the ground in one of the corners. I asked some of the other racers who’d been behind me about the distance to the ground, and they immediately started making fun of me (“yea I got my elbow down once too, and then my butt, back and head followed”). The looks on their faces when I came by to show off my scraped elbow 30 minutes later were priceless!


What do you do when you’re not riding? Really everything I do has something to do with racing. I run my own team, and am in a transition year towards a full season of AMA. Most days are filled with contacting potential sponsors. I also work out daily, and have come to love riding my bicycle. In my spare time you can usually still find me at the track, hanging out with and supporting my friends. My other love is music! Whenever I do find a new sponsor, I can’t help but treat myself to a concert or new CD.

Profile of a Female Motorcyclist: Meet Susanna a.k.a. @PinkyRacr

My next guest Susanna hails from Motorcycle Heaven, a.k.a. Los Angeles, CA. Follow her on Twitter @PinkyRacr (named because of her pink racing suit and formerly pink hair)! Susanna also has a blog named Pinky Racer! When you get to her blog you’ll see she also has a heart for sustainability – check out those links as well!

“Putting my 2009 R1 to her highest and best use at Willow Springs Raceway.” Photo courtesy of Motoyard.com

How long have you been riding a motorcycle? Since 1985. 27 years minus a 4 year break in the early 90’s.

How did you learn to ride? I asked the guy who sold me my Vespa P200E, “How do ya work this thing?” I promptly popped the clutch and launched it into the bushes across the street. A few years later I took the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s (MSF) Experienced Rider Course. Since then, I’ve taken a number of track schools, my favorite being California Superbike School.

What was your first motorcycle? 1981 Vespa P200E

How many have you owned?  Twelve. Hoping to make it 13 this year. My next bike will be electric- ideally both a Brammo Empulse and Zero DS.

Why did you want to ride a motorcycle? My friend Rob took me for a spin when I was 14 and I was hooked instantly. I knew I had to own one! I didn’t want a boyfriend with a bike, I wanted my own. I spent the year working my parents over until they relented and let me get a scooter because it seemed safer.

Tell us about your riding. I’ve always used my bike as my primary transport, but in 2011 I got into bicycles, and am riding my bicycle a lot more. I raced for 6 years until it stopped being fun, so now I just terrorize the streets of LA, local canyons and do track days whenever I can. I love riding to Monterey for Laguna Seca, and before I got this gas guzzler (2009 Yamaha R1 that averages 22mpg!) I rode to San Francisco and Las Vegas fairly often. When I have an electric bike for around town, the poor MPG of the R1 won’t be so bothersome.

What advice do you have for women who ride or want to ride a motorcycle? Same advice I have for everyone. If you want to try it, go to MSF and take their weekend class. It’s the best way to dip your toe in and find out if riding is for you! The instructors are all very knowledgeable, so if they pass you, you’re ready to start riding. Then continue taking lessons, and practice, practice, practice! I was lucky, learning to ride in a quiet suburb, learning in the city can be intimidating, especially in LA.

I think people with urban bicycling experience are MUCH better prepared for urban motorcycling than people who’ve only driven cars. Get out and ride a bicycle whenever possible, ideally with more experienced urban cyclists at first, to get accustomed to having to be hyper-aware of everything around you. Then when you get on a motorcycle you’ll just have to get used to the sensation of speed, and shifting (if it’s not electric). If you feel the need for speed, take it to the track! I tell everyone to start with a track school. My favorite is California Superbike School. Their instruction is excellent, and they travel all over the country and to other countries as well. Many women I meet tell me they’re intimidated by track days and such, and I think CA Superbike School is a great place to start out. Although some women prefer just riding with women and there are track days for them as well. But I still think a reputable school is the best place to start out.

What is the longest trip that you’ve taken on your cycle? 400 miles toSan Francisco. Many times.

Do you belong to any motorcycle groups? No, I just have a lot of friends who ride.

Do you have a favorite riding story? Too many to choose one favorite. Some are on my blog on pinkyracer.com. Pick your own favorite! I especially savor the ones from my favorite secret back road that I take to Monterey for the Laguna Seca MotoGP race each year.

What do you do when you’re not riding? I write about electric vehicles for gas2.org, do product development consulting for fashion designers, and I’m the Communications Chair for Net Impact Los Angeles. I also go to MotoGP races as often as possible.

Grant Ray of Hell for Leather was more than happy to oblige when I asked him to pose with me, because real men enjoy taking a back seat once in awhile! Photo Courtesy of Scottie Images

Profile of a Female Motorcyclist: Meet Colleen

You just never know who you’ll meet in cyber space! Today I’d like to introduce you to a woman that stopped by and left a comment on one of the profiles. She mentioned being a California police officer, a motorcycle riding officer, and she teaches riding at a local community college. Of course after reading that I HAD to reach out and ask her to join us! And she graciously said YES!

Please warmly welcome Colleen a.k.a. Motopippi from Santa Cruz, Ca. Thank you Colleen for your public service. My helmet and heart are tipped in respect to you.

How long have you been riding a motorcycle? I started riding my dad’s Honda 350 when I was 16. No, he didn’t know I was riding it in the back yard. I taught myself and even ventured on the road without a license and sometimes with my 15 year old sister on the back … just in our quiet neighborhood. He had a crash with the bike that ended my riding adventures. Luckily, my dad wasn’t hurt.

How did you learn to ride? I really learned to ride when I bought a new Harley Sportster at 42 years old. I figured out how to ride and pass the DMV riding test by myself while I waited for my MSF course … there was a three month waiting list!

What was your first motorcycle? My 883 XLC. It was purple and beautiful to me. I rode it 5000 miles in the first year and never went back to four wheels … unless I had a grandchild with me!

How many have you owned? Let’s see … the Harley, a BMW 650GS (the thumper), 2 Ducati Monsters (800 cc), a BMW F650GS (the parallel twin) and a BMW R1200GS which is my current ride. I’m on the lookout for a dual sport 250 that will fit a 5’03 1/2″ slim gal. The ground is always so far down there!

Why did you want to ride a motorcycle? I remembered how it felt when I was young to ride. I had raised my two kids and they had licenses and I just had myself to get around. My husband was supportive and I was tired of riding on the back of his bike. I’ve heard so many women echo that same sentiment!

I had no idea how riding would make me feel! If I felt down or overwhelmed by life, riding made me feel in control, capable and free. There is power, rhythm, expression, excitement and beauty in riding.

Tell us about your riding. My bike is my favored mode of transportation. I ride anywhere and everywhere. My husband thinks I’m crazy because rain, shine or whatever, I ride. I’ve taken him into snow more times than I like to admit and he deals with it. Every vacation is a bike vacation with trips across the US and through the Alps.

Last year, I passed the California Police Officer Motor course so now I ride at work, too! I became the first woman to ride a police bike in our department’s 145 year history. We ride Harley Road Kings so backing up 850 pounds of bike is a challenge for a short girl. Thankfully, riding it is pretty easy although I had my own struggles to get to this point. Little girls wave at me and guys smile after they do a double-take. I’ve been told I look small next to my fellow officers on bikes.

I also teach motorcycle courses; the MSF Basic course and Lee Park’s Total Control Advanced Riding Clinic. I love helping other people find their comfort level and improve their riding skills. The women riders appreciate the female perspective of riding, gear, mental aspects and bike selection that is sometimes missing when instructors are all male. We all have our demons to face but it can increase the comfort level if someone speaks your gender language and can empathize with girl issues. The guys in the classes push themselves to try harder so they aren’t embarrassed by a girl … and have fun, too!

What advice do you have for women who ride or want to ride a motorcycle? Try out an MSF course. They supply the bikes and helmets [editor note: I had to supply my own helmet]. The environment is friendly and supportive with classroom and range instruction. If you see a woman riding and you get the chance to ask her about it … do it! She’ll tell you what makes her happy about riding and you’ll make her day!

What is the longest trip that you’ve taken on your cycle? Riding across the country has been my longest ride so far. One time, we rode 850 miles in one day but we usually go about 600-700 daily. Riding helps me forget about work and everything else so, for me, there is no better and more relaxing way to recharge. There is a certain rhythm to long distance riding that I love. One day, I’d like to do an Ironbutt, Four Corners (of theUS) and Alaska.

Do you belong to any motorcycle groups? Off or online? Other than BMW MOA and AMA, no groups for me but I read motorcycle blogs all the time! I love to read about what other people (men and women) are doing!

Do you have a favorite riding story? One day, our whole family of six was out riding. My son and daughter were on their own bikes and my two stepsons were on back, one with me and one with my husband. We rode the coast and then went out to dinner! We’ve had lots of riding time together and I hope to have lots more. I can’t wait till the grandchildren are ready to ride!

What do you do when you’re not riding? I’m never not riding, it seems but I do love to run, read Moto blogs and magazines and spend time with my family. Both of my kids ride and I’m trying to encourage my daughter (who is also a police officer) to consider training to become a motor officer in her department as well!

Officer Colleen and her rides!

Profile of a Female Motorcyclist: Meet Sadie

I’d like to introduce our second Canadian female motorcyclist. I’m pleased to welcome, Sadie from Saskatchewan, Canada! I met Sadie or @aveldina on Twitter when I first started riding. She is a must follow!

Sadie is a hard core commuter!

How long have you been riding a motorcycle? This year is five years.

How did you learn to ride? Grew up around quads, rode a dirt bike a few times as a teenager. When I finally had the income, I bought a CBR 125 one spring and went from there. Took a rider training course late in that same summer.

What was your first motorcycle? 2008 Honda CBR 125. Put 5000 km on that little bike. They are great little bikes, and really fun to learn on.

How many have you owned? Three, the CBR then a Ninja 650 and finally the Ducati Monster 696. I also have a Honda NSR 50 mini road racing track bike.

Why did you want to ride a motorcycle? I don’t have a specific reason, and I didn’t get into it with anyone. Sounds odd I know, but sport motorcycles have a special place in my heart. Like they say (Maybe it was Rossi?) It’s something you do because you feel something inside. That really sums it up for me, I ride because I deeply enjoy it. I don’t have any real reason that I can spell out in words, I just love the feeling.

Tell us about your riding. I commute to work during the riding season daily, and usually in all weather. It has to be pretty ugly before I’ll leave the bike at home. I ride for fun around the city, in the area and just out in the evening when I feel like going out for a rip. I do some riding with friends around the city. We also do at least one week long vacation trip per year, generally out to the mountains and I travel within the province during the summer as well. We are also involved in our local mini road racing club as we can afford to do it.

What advice do you have for women who ride or want to ride a motorcycle? Don’t let anyone talk you out of starting on a smaller machine that you feel totally comfortable on. There’s something to be said for bikes like the CBR 125 that you can just throw around no problem. That bike is full throttle, every gear, all the time, and many people have found it’s just plain fun to rip around the city on that bike. It’s hard to get yourself in trouble like you could on something bigger, and the CBR125 is so light it’s easy to feel confident on it.

Get professional training, wear gear. Some of the most fun I’ve ever had riding was alone, when it’s just me and the bike and I’m able to really focus on my riding so if you don’t spend a lot of time riding alone (or you never ride alone) make sure you make some time for YOU!

What is the longest trip that you’ve taken on your cycle? Right now the longest trip would be 3400 km and away for 1 week. I did a similar trip the previous year alone, and both trips have their moments that I’ll never forget. I have a hard time getting away from work, so I tend to do more weekend trips.

Do you belong to any motorcycle groups? I have been involved in local sport riding and women’s riding groups but distantly and generally only in riding events. Those are offline, obviously. I’m also a member of our mini road racing club, and that’s probably the group I enjoy the most. I’m also involved in some local and area Ducati owner’s club events and that’s another group of people I really enjoy. I am involved in some twitter groups, notably #motochat weekly.

Do you have a favorite riding story? Oh wow, how do I think of just one?

One of my favorite riding moments by far would be from when I went on my first long distance trip alone with the Ninja. On the second day I was in theOkanaganValleyin BC on a Sunday evening, the highway was quiet, scenic and curvy and the weather was perfect. It was just me and the bike and I enjoyed that ride so much. It’s just one of those riding moments of absolute perfection that stay with you for a long time.

I’ve met a lot of people I wouldn’t have met otherwise if I didn’t have the bike. Lots of people always come up and talk asking me about the bike or telling me stories. I once followed another rider part of the way home in very cold, dark weather after visiting my sister. I had been doing a lot of passing and wanted to just slow down and take advantage of the extra light. When we made it to the city he motioned to me to stop at the gas station/restaurant on the edge of the city, and I needed fuel anyway so I stopped. Here he wanted to say thanks for the extra light, and offered to buy me hot chocolate since we were both freezing. Started talking and here it turns out he had once been a cop in the same area I grew up, and we had a good laugh about it. Stories like these you’d never experience without the bike.

There was also that time we went on a poker run charity ride with a few friends, one of which was riding a BMW GSA and had a GPS unit. Let’s just say I’ll never follow anyone with an adventure bike and a GPS again. Nothing like a good long gravel road ride on sport bikes, in the rain. Even better when you have the Harley riding guest speaker for the evening’s supper in your “hey let’s take this quick detour” group. 🙂

What do you do when you’re not riding? I’m a software developer. That pays for the bike and agility haha. Besides that I have two dogs and spend the rest of my time involved in dog agility and volunteering for dog rescue. Besides riding, my dogs are the rest of my life.

Who are these Lady Riders?

The Lady Riders Collage is filled with a plethora of pictures. In this post I will give a little profile of the women who have contributed. I hope you’ll make connections with those that have given their Twitter information. Also follow along on the many blogs that are listed!

Helen has been riding since she was 16 yrs old.  She is now 59 and a grandmother {pictured with grandson}! She has had a 1100 cc Yamaha VStar, 800 Vulcan Kawasaki, 750 Honda NightHawk, and a bunch of smaller bikes, 350`s, 175`s, 125`s, 250`s, 650`s.
Find @BusaHoney on Twitter!
Find out more about Donna on her blog: http://demenshea.com/blog/
Anita named her motorcycle Hercules! Check out her blog:  http://torquethis.wordpress.com/
Friend @VaVaVroomGirl on Twitter and subscribe to her blog found here.
@Strega_Rossa has been riding motorcycles for almost 30 years and currently owns a 2011 Ducati 796 Monster.
@dailycoyote writes Vespa VagaboundThe Daily Coyote  and Honey Rock Dawn. She writes, “when I’m not on my Vespa ET4 ~ on Ervin, the angus bull I tamed (with a jealous horse to the left).”
Karen said, “This is me in my summer armor jacket right after taking off my helmet. Seriously! I use Paul Mitchell Smoothing Serum and then put it in a pony tail with segmented ties, and it stays nice (except in heat and humidity). Some female riders may like to know that!”
@ninja_girl76 from theUK
@willytooren ‘s first bike was a Yamaha 535, second a suzuki 800, and now a FXBD Streetbob 1584, she’s gone bigger each the time! “Biking is a great buzz, and we have made great friends!”
Linda rides a 2002 Yamaha YZF 600
Dim rides a 2006 custom painted Yamaha V Star 650 Classic named Twinkle (little Star). It’s a big bike for a little girl, Nim’s just under 5 foot tall!
Kate’s biker friends call her Bee. She is a self employed gift shop owner and painter… kind of a peace loving hippie biker chick. She loves to tour around the country, often riding solo. Kate celebrated turning 50 last summer by riding a 9500 mile ride in 29 days. It was amazing!  http://beeinthewind.blogspot.com/
Darlene is a daily commuter on her scooter!! Catch her on Twitter @scooterdiva1 and follow her blog too! http://scootermayhem.blogspot.com
Chris sent a picture taken on the International Female Riders Day 2011 with her friends.
@leanintolife learned to ride a motorcycle at age 48! She is a mother of two. No Tattoos. Teetotal. Says her only piercings are in her ears. And rarely drops the F-bomb!
Sam {@09samlo} wrote, “When I got a new job and walked in with my jacket and helmet I got a bunch of “you’re a biker? NO WAY! You don’t look like one” comments even though I mainly ride a Honda Ruckus scooter. I need a motorcycle license to ride it and it’s on 2 wheels, it totally counts right?” Catch her blog here: http://almostfridayshow.com
@chickthatrides is the owner of http://www.wrapter.com/  a unique ponytail wrap for motorcyclists with long hair. Wrapter ponytail wraps are designed to prevent painful and damaging tangles associated with riding motorcycles.
Rose sent a picture of with her friends taken on International Female Ride Day. She also has a blog: http://mototripsandsuch.blogspot.com/
Brandy started on a used Honda Nighthawk 250 but it was too small and felt blown around a lot. She sold it and bought a used Ninja 650r. She hated because of the fairing, sold it and bought a new 2009 Suzuki TU 250, loved it but needed something with a little more power and finally got the Gladius. Follow her adventures here:  http://trobairitztablet.blogspot.com/
Shannon is 37 years old from Jacksonville,FL.  She’s been riding for about 3 years now, and has a 1996 Kawasaki Eliminator 600. Shannon is a middle school teacher and rides with the Chrome Divas of Orange Park, FL, as well as her husband, brother in law, his girlfriend and father in law!
In her own words: I’ve been riding for about eight years. Started on a VStar 750 and moved to a HDDeluxe. I ride with a female group, Chrome Divas of Orange Park.  It is an international female riding organization and we have a blast. At the same time, we give back to our community by participating and helping with several charity events.  Every time we get to together it is an adventure. We let our guys ride with us sometimes, but they have to ride in the back (women first afterall :)).  The women are from all stages professionally and of life.  We have 70 year old grandmothers to 20 year olds and all ages in between. It’s great to have something in common with so many generations and we just have a great time with each other. You might have a chapter in your area too, or be able to organize one.  See chromedivas.com for more info.
SonjaM rides a BMW F650GS and writes a blog too! http://2wheelersrevisited.blogspot.com/
@chesshirecat In her own words, “OK, I’ll show ya. I’m ALWAYS on the other side of the camera. Rare is the time I allow others to photograph me. This photo is no glam shot. Better that way I think. That way I don’t get all “stinky” about myself. LOL. This shot was taken after I rode my bike up a mountain gravel road, then down the mountain to explore a section of the Appalachian Trail inTennessee. I had hiked an easy 1.3 miles into this area where the falls are. It was getting back out that was the hard breathing, heart pumping kicker! I loved it so much I’m taking my bike hiking again tomorrow! Anyway, that’s me. Overweight, long-haired 55 year-old biker-chic-lady-wanna be hiker. I set the timer on my camera balanced it on a river rock and laid back trying to look casual. I don’t think the look worked.”
Jane is a city clerk for a major suburb of Minneapolis and dresses as a business professional all week long and can’t wait to wear her motorcycle clothes evenings and weekends. Jane’s daughter also rides!
Stacie lives in Palm Bay Florida and rides an 09 Street Glide. And says, “Women Riders Rock!!!!”
Shirley says she’s, “63 yrs old and just retired. I spent the past 8 years as the Executive Director of a local nonprofit and many more years in similar nonprofit positions. So, like you I get a lot of similar comments … “you ride a Harley?!! Really!” guess we women riders look like everyone else.”
Lynne rides a 1973 honda CL350
Alison is a female rider of a Suzuki 2001 SV650S and DR-Z125, and Owner/Operator of Canadian Motorcycle Adventures.
Jude is a woman who likes to ride! Her ride is a Honda Shadow VLX Deluxe. Jude lives in the Northern Californiawine country and owns a business (www.webmelt.com) and yes, she likes to wear dresses as well as jeans.
Karri is a mom of 3 grown kids, has 2 grandbabies, and a Registered Nurse. She owns and rides a 2001 Harley-Davidson Dyna Lowrider. Loves her family, and loves riding with my knees in the breeze.
@bikerfayKarla ‘s friend took her picture when she was next to her car!
Donna is a 63 year old rider of nine years, also a full-time RVer with her husband who rides as well. Here is a picture of her grandmother, also a rider, next to her! I come from a riding family….too many to count lately, and a lot of women in the family ride as well.Donna aka Froggi
@FieryPinkGirl is pictured with the bike she is building!
Julie aka @bonnyface on Twitter also writes a blog: www.rounded-corners.com
Cheri’s rides with her newest riding partner, her daughter!
Friend @aveldina on Twitter. She rides a Monster 696 & an NSR 50 mini track bike.
Candis ddn’t get her license, or even ride a bike, until she was 33. That was just 2 1/2 years ago. Now is riding a 1990 Suzuki VX800.
Shannon H. writes: I am a nursing student, and I love to ride. I get people all the time asking if I ride with my husband, and they are shocked when I say NO I ride my own bike. This is a picture when I first got my bike. I had just got home from school when my husband had surprised me by having the windshield and saddlebags on. 2009 V-Star 650.
Madeleine rides a Triumph Bonneville and a Ducati Monster.  Catch-up with her here: http://missrider.com/
Must read, Fuzzygalore.com and follow @fuzzygalore on Twitter too!
Donia is 24, living in Phoenixand rides a 2005 Buell Blast. You can find her on twitter @OnlyDoniaUKnow and tumblr:  http://donia.tumblr.com
@gaia3465 Jenny has had her endorsement since ’08, riding an ’02 Honda CBR 600 f4i since spring of ’10 when she bought it.  She started out on an ’06 SV 650s, then had a few rides on a ’90 Honda Hurricane.
Erin rides a Vespa ET4
Alex has been riding for 20 years, raced competitively and consistently for 15 years (AFM #89). Currently she owns 7 motorcycles! Alex said, “I’m also a HUGE advocate of protective gear and wear an Aerosstich Roadcrafter with full armor and back protector with Carolina “logging” boots EVERYTIME I ride on the street (leathers obviously on the track with Daytona carbon boots instead). I also have been wearing Arai Signet helmets exclusively the past 10 years and either Held or Alpinestar gloves. Nothing like wearing a dress under your ‘stich and watching people’s reactions as you unzip it!!!”
 Well there you have it!  Thank you so much for contributing!!

International Female Ride Day 2011

Friday, May 6th is International Female Ride Day. This is the fifth year of calling together all women riders to JUST RIDE!

Ladies, let's ride!

“Sport bike, cruiser, scooter, off-road, touring or competition, regardless of what type or style of motorcycling interest, International Female Ride Day makes one simple request of women – Just Ride! Get on your bikes, be out there and be visible.  The concept has assembled its power and participation in this simple, worldwide-synchronized theme linking a chain of women through the shared activity of motorcycling. It’s one day to celebrate and highlight the many numbers of women who share their passion for the sport. The fact that every female rider participating on May 6th is a role model for others not yet taken the step to enjoy motorcycling, has added to the event’s intentions and participation.” {source}

Calling all BMW, Ducati, Harley Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki, Norton, Royal Enfield, Suzuki, Triumph, Victory, Yamaha, and any other bikes to come on out and RIDE!

Join International Female Ride Day on Facebook.

Last look at the International Motorcycle Show

Here’s the balance of my photos from the show. Enjoy!

And I leave you with what I’d call a grocery getter!

Saturday’s Adventure

Hubby and I took a nice drive to Sport Wheels again! On the way we stopped at the Crofut Family Winery where we happened upon a free wine tasting.


Found a buffalo at the winery!


Tasted some fine wine. My favs? The River Valley White, Northwood’s Red, and the sweet dessert wine Essence du Nord. Now off to Sport Wheels.

You just never know what you will find at Sport Wheels with over six acres of motorcycles and parts! Here are a few gems we saw today!

Didn’t catch the name of this one! Looked cool with it’s two front and two rear tires! I don’t believe it was in working condition.


Vintage 450 Honda


Hubby reminisced about high school friends who owned this bad boy – an older Honda 450! It was in pretty good shape and in working order! Check out Sport Wheel’s collector page.

I found this Ducati Falcon Ricshaw in the back corner of the warehouse. It is in rough shape but still very cool to see!


Ducati Falcon Rickshaw


The last item I’ll share is a vintage bicycle. Talk about a Coca Cola classic!


Vintage Coca Cola bicycle


There were lots of other motorcycles too numerous to mention! We are scoping out our next purchase for hubby … unless I find a new favorite!