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I picked up a Hitchhicker and saw some Bad Boys!

On Saturday hubby and I took a different direction for our ride. We went north to Milaca, MN. We took the long way there about 60 plus miles. It was clear, sunny, and the perfect temperature for riding ATGATT.

We were going to stop for lunch. Our choices were Subway, DQ, or Barbara Jean’s. No brainer our pick Barbara Jean’s. It was the only restaurant with motorcycles outside. Had to be a good sign. Hubby ordered a Bison burger and I went with an Angus. Both were incredible. I’d also recommend the waffle fries with the chipotle sauce.

When we went back to the motorcycles I found I picked up a rider. Apparently, he didn’t want to ride pillion.

Jiminy Cricket?

I encouraged him to move along before taking off for home. Didn’t think he’d be able to hold on at 65+ mph.

On Sunday we went to church and look what was in the parking lot!

Look at these two bad boys!

Incredible custom BossHoss!

This one didn’t have quite the detailing, but still fully packed!

Big. Black. Beautiful. BossHoss.

We did wait around a bit after church, but didn’t get to meet the owners. Maybe next time! All in all hubby and I had a wonderful weekend ride. How about you?

Random Pictures and a Guy I Met in the Bathroom

Hubby and I had a very fun weekend filled with adventure! Hubby works every other weekend so we try to pack a lot in when we have off together. Here are a few pictures of this past weekend’s adventure!

A couple of posts ago I mentioned the sidewalk parkers outside of businesses. Here’s a typical site in my neck of the woods.

Motorcycle parking on the sidewalk outside the grocery store.

I agree with so many that commented on that post. Sidewalk parking is not for me.

On Saturday hubby and I took the long way to Taylor Falls, MN. It is a small quaint city on the border of Wisconsin. Love the details of older buildings. This type of craftsmanship is rare in new buildings. I don’t know why but I’ve always wanted a house with a turret like this …

Local business Coffee Talk.

I think this was the Library.

We had lunch in the same place the last time we rode out here, Romayne’s. They have an awesome burger and this time we tried their onion rings. [Note to self: Next time don’t share with hubby.]

After walking around for a bit we stopped for ice cream. I had to use the bathroom and found this sign.

How would they enforce that?

We hopped over the border to St. Croix, Wisconsin. Lots of friends have recommended taking the time to visit over there. That’s where I met this guy … in the bathroom!

I’ve lovingly named him. Sir Stinky



Hubby and I put a few miles on the bikes, had some great food, and saw some fun things along the way! Cheers!

21st Annual International Motorcycle & Scooter Ride to Work Day

Ride to Work Day June 18, 2012

For more information:


Motorcycle Ride to Taylor Falls, Minnesota

What a beautiful day to take a ride with hubby on our motorcycles! We decided to head out to Taylor Falls, Minnesota.

Our route to Taylor Falls, MN – 100 miles round trip

The ride  there and back was wonderful. Slightly windy, but nothing like the wind gust I experienced a couple a weeks ago. You know the kind that throw your head back if you’re not paying attention! We saw lots of other riders. Love getting the head nod or the hand signal as you pass.

When we pulled into town there were motorcycles all over the place! I snapped a few pictures of some of them. Take a look!

Captured some of the motorcycles we saw today!

We parked the bikes and scoped out a place to eat! We chose Romayne’s because they serve charbroiled burgers.

We dined at Romayne’s in the outdoor garden.

While we ate some very yummy burgers we watched the all the bikers riding up and down the street. I did see a lot of women riding solo today. Unfortunately, most of them were not ATGATT.

Typical of the riders I saw today – partial gear!

Of course you can’t leave town without having some ice cream! And there just happened to be Schoony’s Old Fashion Ice Cream across the street – dessert is in my future!

Yay! An ice cream place right across the street!!

Not only did I get dessert, but hubby bought me a pretty necklace to commemorate the trip!

Here’s our VStroms, us, and the necklace I got today!

Then it was time to head home, but first a stop at Franconia Sculpture Park. What an amazing park! An eclectic collection of art, a huge play area for kids, an amphitheater, and clean bathrooms!

Franconia Sculpture Park

In the middle of one section of the park, there was preparation for a wedding. What an unusual, but awesome setting!

A group was setting up for a wedding ceremony in the park too!

What an enjoyable day! I hope your Saturday was awesome too!!


I’m Back!

It’s been quite a while since my last blog post on July 30, 2011. A lot has happened since then – mostly good. The not so good kept me off the bike most of last year, but that is over!! Yay!

I’ve also become a grandmother this past October. Unfortunately, my grandson is 1500 miles away. But, I’ve taken three trips in five months to see him. He’s adorable.

Hubby and I are also going to increase our family. We are adopting a 2005 Suzuki 650 VStrom! I am so excited that this year we will finally be able to ride together! Here’s a preview of my other “new” baby!

2005 Suzuki 650 VStrom

We are looking to pick-up the bike later this week. The weather looks like it is going to cooperate with lots of sun and upper 60s! Yay!!

Can’t wait to get back into riding, blogging, and tweeting this year! Missed y’all!

P.S. I’ll post new pictures of our newest addition latter this week! And I’ll have to work on changing my header bar picture!!

What does a Woman Rider Look like? Like this …

She is beautiful!! Check out all the pictures that were submitted by some awesome woman motorcyclists. 54 ladies submitted 85 pictures.

And folks, don’t try to define her she is too fabulous for words … see for yourself!

I am woman hear me roar!

I will be posting all the Twitter, blogs or web sites that were submitted soon!! Not everyone wanted to be identified so I thought it best to do a separate post.

Update 6/2: Who are these Lady Riders?

A Bloggers Centerline Day aka ABCD

Gary France had a fabulous idea he called A Bloggers Centerline Day {ABCD}! Basically, you take a picture on May 1, 2011 that includes a centerline and you {or at least some part of you}, and post it on your blog. Full details here.

It was an easy choice on where I wanted to take my centerline picture. This is the first street I road my motorcycle solo about one year ago after passing my endorsement test!!

I haven’t been able to ride yet this year because it has been cold and rainy, even had snow last week. I’m hopeful the weather will be changing soon. I need to get back out there soon!

I wanna ride

My daughter sent this to me because it reminded her of me! Love it!

Getting ready to ride!

I’m so excited that this weekend my wonderful hubby is going to get the Nighthawk ready to ride again!

Getting ready to ride!

This is last year gearing up to ride home from work. We still have brown grass and no leaves on the trees in Minnesota!

International Female Ride Day 2011

Friday, May 6th is International Female Ride Day. This is the fifth year of calling together all women riders to JUST RIDE!

Ladies, let's ride!

“Sport bike, cruiser, scooter, off-road, touring or competition, regardless of what type or style of motorcycling interest, International Female Ride Day makes one simple request of women – Just Ride! Get on your bikes, be out there and be visible.  The concept has assembled its power and participation in this simple, worldwide-synchronized theme linking a chain of women through the shared activity of motorcycling. It’s one day to celebrate and highlight the many numbers of women who share their passion for the sport. The fact that every female rider participating on May 6th is a role model for others not yet taken the step to enjoy motorcycling, has added to the event’s intentions and participation.” {source}

Calling all BMW, Ducati, Harley Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki, Norton, Royal Enfield, Suzuki, Triumph, Victory, Yamaha, and any other bikes to come on out and RIDE!

Join International Female Ride Day on Facebook.