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Back to Reality

Hubby and I are home from our trip visiting our daughter, fave son-in-law, and grandson down in Georgia. What a wonderful time we had together celebrating the little guy’s first birthday. He’s adorable. My son-in-law and daughter are doing an incredible job as parents and in their marriage. Taylor Swift sings, “Life makes love look hard,” and those two are facing life and rocking it together! So proud.

Well, today my reality check is due … it is back to work. What makes this even more difficult (besides missing them already) is the weather. We left it was 80 degrees with lots of sun and arrived home to 40s. Yikes! My riding days are truly numbered with the drop in temperature.

Hard to believe this little guy is a year old!

Time to pull out the crocheting and my other cold weather projects!

Photo credit: © Joy Cannis, 2012

I Met Lori a.k.a. BeemerGirl!

This vaycay visiting my grandson in Atlanta just keeps getting better and better! Hubby and I were able to sneak away tonight for dinner. It wasn’t just any dinner, we were meeting up with Lori a.k.a. BeemerGirl and her hubby! We met at the 57th Fighter Group Restaurant. A very tasty choice. We were seated at a window table where we were able to watch planes take off and land while dining. The whole place was filled with cool World War II aviation decor.

Meet-up with Lori and her hubby!

What a wonderful evening we had together. It was so fun getting to know Lori and her hubby. We traded stories about life, dogs, riding, and more. We entered the restaurant as cyber-friends and left as real life friends. What a fun connection to make all because of cyber space.

P.S. If you haven’t already I recommend checking out Lori’s blog, For Love of a Motorbike.

Live Your Dreams

I’m visiting my daughter, favorite son-in-law, and grandson this week. I’ve walked  past this picture of Kermit the Frog before, but today I stopped and read it.

Live Your Dreams!

So I leave you with this thought, if Kermit can so can we!

Minnesota Blogger Conference, The End.

I want to share with you a few of my notes from Rick Kupchella the keynote speaker. This will be the last post on the conference.

Rick Kupchella is a former news anchor and journalist here in the Twin Cities. He left broadcasting to begin a few projects one of which is Bring Me the News. Some of the primary goals of this site is to distribute news electronically, keep it local, no political leaning [I find that rather refreshing], and sourcing stories through traditional as well as nontraditional news outlets such as social media and blogs. Then distributed through email, Facebook, digital, and mobile to name a few.

When asked what are we solving for? Bring Me the News wants to provide consumers with a clean digital landscape and to help the public find new and credible news. Kupchella shared that the world is creating five billion gigabytes of data every two days. That equals all the information created from the beginning of time through 2003 [Eric Schmidt was sited as the source.] That is a lot of information to wade through and they want to provide a clean source for consumers.

Kupchella also spoke about the benefit for their sponsors as being relevancy engagement and an influential audience. He mentioned, what I heard as a recurring theme at the conference, driving content is the new bar for online marketing. Consumers no longer want a banner they are looking for thought leadership. He sees media partners finding an economical way of obtaining high quality news curation.

I’ve added Bring Me the News to my Google Reader. I’ve found that it is straight forward and credibly sourced news. The sponsored posts are well done too. I look forward to seeing the refreshed and retooled site that is coming in the next month or so.

Minnesota Blogger Conference, Part 2

Sunday I blogged about the first session that I attended at the Minnesota Blogger Conference. Today I’m going to share another session I attended, Content is a Banquet: Is Your Audience Being Served? presented by David Hedrick Skarjune.

The session started with the speaker pulling up a slide that read, “Content is _______.” Many spoke out answering, “King!” Skarjune respectfully disagreed. He believes content is the “coin of the realm.” Then went on to say content is an orgy. [Can’t wait to see the spam I get for having that word in a post.]

Why? Because of the multiplying channels, consumers are maturing, interactive and mobile platforms are experiencing explosive growth, and people’s expectations are rising. We have become “Content Consumers.” We push content to get attention.

Here’s his recipe ingredients for content: strategy, create great content, SEO, practice content marketing, use social media, engage community, and funnel-measure-repeat. He expounded a bit more and gave some statistics. This is where my note taking dropped off, as well as my attention.

Skarjune ended the session with another list. It was the Buddhist Metta Practice as a guide to who we blog for. The analogy he used wasn’t gelling for me. I didn’t really get the point, but then again I’m not blogging for money.

The slides from his presentation and the other sessions can be found here.

Minnesota Blogger Conference 2012, part 1

This past Saturday I attended the third annual Minnesota Blogger Conference for free! Okay, the tickets were free because of the wonderful event sponsors (listed below). The conference offered a variety of breakout sessions, the keynote speaker was a former local newscaster, Rick Kupchella, and the conference closed with a podcasting panel. Did I mention we were also served a complimentary breakfast and a baked potato buffet for lunch?

I met a few other bloggers but no other motorcyclists – female or male. There were quite a few serious bloggers working the room and networking. Not me. I sat with a friend who writes a corporate blog and has a personal blog as well. I spent the day enjoying the time with my friend and learning some things along the way.

I’m technologically illiterate and a novice blogger so I really didn’t know which sessions to attend. I followed my friend into the “Blogging to be Found and Hired” session. It was presented by a knowledgeable woman, Sara Kerr, but not what I was expecting. I should have read the description because I’m not in the job market right now (I really enjoy the team I work with and the company). To sum it up in a few sentences: You are a brand. Build it. Protect it.

For those of you job hunting, Sara recommended checking out your e-reputation by Googling your name, looking over your personal web site(s), and finding yourself socially online. How would a potential employer react to what was found? Is it a positive online presence? Good personal branding? Or do you have some work to do to reverse a negative image?

She also recommended not revealing too much personal information online by using email not a phone number for contact purposes. Also, let your family and friends know what not to post about you. Do you want personal pictures tagged with you or your children? Even if things are taken down, once they’ve been posted it is really never gone! Check your privacy settings so you can control what is public.

Sara also addressed what blogging can do for the job seeker. It can establish your expertise. Demonstrate your writing skills. Affirm your knowledge of social media. Connect you to influencers. Validate your knowledge of current trends and news. Position you as a source of information. Distinguish you from other job seekers.

This is just a brief overview from my notes of what Sara shared during her session. Again, I’m not in the job market, but I wanted to share what I heard with those that may currently be looking or just beginning the search. This week I will be blogging about the other sessions I attended.

Sara Kerr can be found on Twitter @Sara_G_N_Kerr and writes a blog

Please give these generous sponsor’s some love!

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Here is a summary of the second session I attened.

Two Little Girls Explain The Worst Haircut Ever

It is less than three minutes long and very funny!

Two Little Girls Explain The Worst Haircut Ever.

Have a fabulous weekend friends!

An Afternoon at the Pool

Chunky Monkey and I spent some time at the pool in the backyard today. Hope your summer is going as well as mine!

Chunky Monkey and grandma enjoying the warm afternoon at the pool!

Preparing for the Chunky Monkey’s Visit!

I’ve been a wee bit distracted lately. I’m preparing for my grandson a.k.a. Chunky Monkey, daughter, and favorite son-in-law (don’t tell him, but he’s my only son-in-law) upcoming visit!

The kids are flying in this weekend so I need to get a few things to prepare to have a baby in the house. I had my daughter send me a list of things to borrow: high chair, pack-n-play, rear facing car seat, and the like! Good thing I don’t work with people my age!! Thankfully my coworkers are supplying me with all the necessities both large and small.

Tonight I spent the evening learning how to use this contraption!

Don’t be fooled by its simplicity!

I did manage to get the Pack-n-Play open and stable so that’s ready to go! I don’t know if I could have ever gotten the car seat in place without help. I’m very grateful when my coworker offered to install that bad boy in my back seat. A gymnastic feat was involved in securing the straps. All that’s left to do is to buy some diapers, wipes, and a whole lot of Cheerios!



33 Years Ago Today

Today, June 16, hubby and I have been married 33 years.

June 16, 1979

How does one stay in love and in like with each other? We’ve done it by practicing this type of love:

” Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.  It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.  It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.” 1 Corinthians 13:4-8

And by riding motorcycles together! LOL