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My First Ride!

Here are some pictures of my first motorcycle!

'00 Honda cb750 Nighthawk

My coworkers threw a luncheon party for me to celebrate getting my motorcycle endorsement! Great group of gals!

My husband showed up at work that day with the bike. This is the day I rode around the parking lot in sandals, capris, and no helmet! Only once … never again!

Video of my First Solo Ride

Check out my first solo ride! It is only 18 seconds long.

First day on the new Motorcycle!

My hubby took me to a very large parking lot to practice on the new bike. I handled it pretty well considering I learned on a 200cc and this is a 750! After 40 minutes or so I was ready to go home and try the local streets.

First day on the Honda!

I’ve hit the local streets around my neighborhood and got the bike up to 45 mph for quite a stretch! Worked on corners, stopping, and such. Not a bad handling motorcycle considering the size and it is my first time riding it. That’s all for now … back on the bike!!

The Nighthawk has landed!

My hubby is definitely my hero! He rode our new ’00 Honda CB750 Nighthawk home in 46 degrees with a stiff wind and a few sprinkles. It was an hour ride all highway. Between the wind and the 65 mph he was a bit chilly when we arrived, but never complained. I’ll get out on the bike tomorrow and get more pictures too.

Taking off for home!

The Cat is out of the Bag!

Hubs and I are getting a ’00 Honda CB 750 Nighthawk on Saturday!