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Blog Challenge: Answered!

Our dear friend, Princess Scooterpie a.k.a. @Moto_Diva (see her profile I did here) threw out a photo challenge today. “Post a picture of your favorite non-motorcycle/scooter shoes & one of your motorcycle/scooter boots/shoes.”

Here are my fave summer sandals along with one of my riding boots!

My favorite non-riding footwear and one of my riding boots!

I must confess that this is the second pair of these sandals that I’ve owned. Very comfortable and very colorful!

Hold please

I’m having a wonderful time with my daughter, son-in-law, and grandson! They are here until Saturday so hold my Tweets and blog posts!

While I’m away, I thought I’d give you my ultimate chick flick recommendation! Enjoy!

The perfect chick flick: Wizard of Oz

Sole Hope

I’m thinking y’all are like me. I look in my closet and have several pairs of shoes {heels!} to choose from and some days its just not a quick decision. It’s too easy to take for granted having shoes until you watch something like this:

Sole Hope Promo 2012 from jason garris on Vimeo.

Sole Hope’s mission is to offer HOPE to widows, orphans and others within impoverished and forgotten communities around the world by teaching the simple trade of shoemaking which provides jobs and shoes to those in need.

You, me, and as many as we can share this with can help … for free. It only takes a few minutes to vote for this organization over at Cultivate Wines.

According to their web site, “Cultivate is giving away $100,000 per quarter to non-profits via a democratic voting system. The winner will receive $50,000, and the five runners-up will each receive $10,000. To vote, you can either register or login through facebook. Once you’re logged in, you will have 1 vote per day. To get started, click any “vote for this” button, then log in to cast your vote. So be sure to come back and vote again each day!”

The voting is over at the end of the month (March 2012). Join me and vote everyday until then for the wonderful cause Sole Hope. >click here to vote<

For more information about Sole Hope and discover other ways to help check out their web site:

I wanna ride

My daughter sent this to me because it reminded her of me! Love it!

This ones for the girls!

Okay guys, timeout — this one is for the ladies! I’m stuck in a cold and snow bound weather pattern here in Minnesota so I thought I’d bring some thoughts of spring with this post.

I found the perfect attachment for my spike heels to keep me from sinking into the grass. They are called SoleMates.

I wish I would have known about these for my daughter’s outdoor wedding!

FYI – this is NOT a sponsored post.

2011 Minnesota Snowpocalypse*

Last week Minneapolis temperature were heading towards 50 degrees F (10 C)! Since yesterday we’ve had between 12 – 18 inches (30.48 – 45.72 cm) of snow! Last week I had hope spring was coming and with it riding my motorcycle. Today, well it snowed … a lot!

I am very grateful my employer gave us the day off! After cleaning the snow off the driveway a couple of times, hubby and I took Kitty out back! Here’s some pictures!

The backyard woods

The is Kitty!

She likes chasing sticks!

Somebody stole her stick!

Kitty stuck her tongue out at him!

Kitty also likes looking through the wood pile for mice.

Bye-bye! Time to go in and warm up!

*Snowpocalypse – When weathermen predict large amounts of snowfall in a short period of time. {source}

I’m speechless, frozen, and miss riding my motorcycle!

Speechless ...

It is January 9, 2011, the ground has a couple of feet of snow cover, it has been below freezing a lot this winter, and I miss riding my motorcycle.  I miss it so much I have even sat on my bike in the cold garage. My hubby will tell you I pat the seat and talk to my motorcycle whenever I pass it going to my car! {Normal, right?}

I’m really getting antsy about getting back out on the road again so I decided to look online at other women riders and stumbled across a photo collection on Flickr: amorphity’s photostream. I’ve posted a few photos from his helmet heads collection.

Even though my blog is called Helmet or Heels I would never, let me repeat, NEVER wear or recommend these shoes as proper riding gear!

Slip on heels for riding? NEVER!

The perfect couple, both idiots when it comes to proper gear!

I wonder if she ever lost a heel coming to a stop?

"Classic Asian women's 'heels out, knees and toes in' motorcycle riding position ... " Amorphity's own caption

Thank you amorphity for this digital catch!

Photo Source

Dress, Heels, and Toes!

Last weekend was my son’s wedding! Remember my post about shopping for a dress? I did find one and it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be!

Here I am with a couple of my favorite guys!

Enough about me, shopping and my dress! I want to share a little about my new daughter-in-law. I’ve always said if you want to see what kind of man a guy is meet his wife (if he’s married).  How a husband and wife treat each other reveals a lot! Does she respect him? Does he treat her kindly? Are they better together than they would be separately? Looking for answers to these types of questions will reveal a lot about both of them.

When my son and then girlfriend started dating it was immediately evident that she made him a better man by how she talked to him and treated him. As a mom, that is all I needed to see; my son was in good hands. I’m looking forward to getting to know my daughter-in-law even more, but one thing I do know is that she loves heels! How great is that??

I don’t have a picture of the shoes that she wore at the wedding (a sweet pair of hot pink heels), but here is a picture of the heels she had on a couple of days later! And check out the toes too, especially painted for the wedding.

Aren't these cute?!

Check out the "I Do" toes!