Snow, Seventies, and Motorcycles

I miss riding and the season has only begun! Today was in the seventies, sunny, and the windows were open. The sound of motorcycles filled the air.

Only in Minnesota do you have snow, seventies and motorcycles!

Only in Minnesota do you have snow, seventies and motorcycles!

8 responses to “Snow, Seventies, and Motorcycles

  1. It takes hardy souls to live in your climate. Hope you enjoy riding again soon.

  2. Pam:

    I also got excited when I thought I saw your motorcycle . . .

    How about a Miata convertible. sort of the same. Better wind in the hair as you don’t need to wear a helmet and you can still drive in Shorts and sandals. See, better . . . Has a trunk and top in case it rains.

    A weekend photographer or Riding the Wet Coast

  3. It must be so hard to hear the bikes and know you can’t ride. I’ve been feeling the same. Do you have any idea what the neuro will say??
    I did get to test ride a new bike for the first time since my wreck in October. It felt great! Thinking of you as we are both grounded this spring!

    • LB the last visit to the neurologist (2 of them) said no. Like in never. I’m holding out for my next visit. It is with a vertebral artery dissection specialist in July. And I need to hear I can stop the blood thinners.

      Hope you find a fabulous bike!!

  4. It’s like that here in Colorado as well! 70’s and blue sky one day – 20F and snow the next! I hope you are blessed with a wonderful report in July!

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