Sony did it again!

Have you seen this video yet? It is to advertise their Sony 4K. It is so creative and made me smile. Check it out!

Here’s a look at behind the scene.

This one was done a few years ago – Sony Bravia – check that one out too!

What a creative company! Well done Sony.

4 responses to “Sony did it again!

  1. Here is a link to a playlist of actual 4K content on YouTube. The Sony videos only seemed to uploaded in 1080p, the 4K videos are 2160p. Obviously, to get the full effect you need adequate screen resolution.

    And it really does look like your are looking out of a window. I saw a great presentation on 4K years ago at USD where they had an ~20′ tall 4K screen.

  2. Very cool. I’d not seen the commercial yet.

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