How did you spend Christmas?

Me? In critical care. Yes. I waited how long to spend time with my daughter and grandkids and I end up in the hospital.

Crazy. I had a migraine that started last Wednesday and by Sunday had me in urgent care. They sent me home after a shot in the butt and some pain meds. That night was horrible so went to the doctor on Monday.

Well he didn’t think it was normal that I would have my first migraine ever at my age. The doctor sent me straight over to the ER for a MRI.

At first I thought the ER doctor was joking when he said I tore the artery that runs up through my neck. And I would be staying here for a few days.

That was Monday. Still trying to figure out how I did this. It is usually the result of an accident. Not me. I just happened to tear my artery.

Things I’ve learned while here. Critical care patients get lots of attention. It is more serious than I ever thought. Don’t let a migraine go five days without medical attention. My grandson isn’t afraid of hospitals.

Hope your Christmas was wonderful! Miss y’all!

Lift a glass for me and let’s get 2014 off to a better start!

14 responses to “How did you spend Christmas?

  1. Thinking of you!!!! I’m so glad your doctor to the extra step, and that you’re being well taken care of!

  2. Oh my! I hope things start to look up soon, but glad it is being taken care of. Dealt with migraines years ago and it wasn’t pleasant. It turned out to be a symptom and not the problem…

  3. Wow! Not a great way to spend Christmas but it sure beats the alternative. Glad you are okay and under observation, many of us don’t listen to our doctors. Get well soon.

  4. Pam:

    Oh No ! but I am glad you caught it and have a good Doctor. You’re right, when you body tells you something, you have to listen and not ignore the warning signs. So glad you are Okay. We can celebrate Christmas later

    Riding the Wet Coast

  5. Pam, I work for a neurologist and I can say we do get nervous when someone who never has headaches comes in, it sets off alarm bells and ordering CT scans & MRI. You can dissect an artery with violent head movements from a accident or neck manipulations. I have seen this a few times in 25 years, but it’s not common. Take care of yourself!

  6. So glad they found the problem. You are right about NOT waiting. My cousin’s wife got a bad cold, waited too long to seek help & by the time she went to Dr. she had pneumonia & died shortly after. Too late for help. This happened at Thanksgiving. We were all shocked when he told us.

  7. Holy crap Pam, I am so glad you are okay. Good thing you went back in and the doc asked for the MRI.

    You must have been working too hard getting the house ready for the kids. I am glad you are being taken care of.

    Get well soon.

  8. Oh, no! So sorry to hear. Please get all the medical care you need. Best wishes.

  9. Oh my goodness!! Pam, I’m so glad you, and they, sought more information and discovered this! You need to stay healthy for your sister, daughter, and grandbaby. Ok…husband fits in on that list too. 🙂 Get better soon!

  10. Goodness! So glad you were diagnosed and treated! Phew! Here’s to good healthy and a happy 2014!

  11. Oh my goodness … I hope things continue to improve for you. Take care.

  12. Oh Pam! I’m so sorry to hear this! I’ve been in a funk and working too much, so I’ve been a little behind. I’m glad they saved your life!! Hugs and smooches and well wishes for quick recovery.


  13. Hope you have fully recovered – I am a little worried as I haven’t seen a new post since this one? Best wishes to you….

  14. So you say that this is usually caused by an accident, huh? I guess you forgot about all those bar fights you get into after you’ve slammed back 6 or 7 shots of tequila at your local biker bar. 😉

    Seriously though, what a horrible way to spend Christmas. Spending it in the ER is bad enough, but spending it as a PATIENT in the ER is… well, that’s just uncool.

    Sorry it took so long to jump on here, but I have been praying for your quick recovery. God bless… and stay out of the biker bars. *hee hee*

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