Calling all Female Motorcyclists!

The riding season for me here in Minnesota is pretty much finished. I don’t have the gear to ride in the cold. Hubby and I were not able to do as much riding as we hoped. Looking forward to next year.

You maybe like me and winter is slowly descending upon you. You longingly gaze out at your motorcycle while bundled up in your winter woollies hoping for another sunny 50 degree day when a blast of cold air brings you back to reality. The optimist inside thinks it could happen it is only November. Sigh.

Here she is like a caged beast at the zoo, my Suzy Suzuki 650 VStrom.

Here she is like a caged beast at the zoo, my Suzuki 650 VStrom.

Focus Pam … this is where I turn outward to vicariously “ride” through all the fabulous lady riders I’ve met! And send a call out to meet more! If you are a female motorcyclist and would like to add your story to my series Profile of a Female Motorcyclist shoot me an email at pamela(dot)court(at)gmail(dot)com < trying to keep the spammers at bay!

Your story, your ride, your experience are all unique! We – your fellow female motorcyclists – need to hear your story too. xoxo

5 responses to “Calling all Female Motorcyclists!

  1. Sorry to hear the season is ending for you. I ride year-round and, for three years, lived without a car. Winter riding is rough but with the right gear and layers of clothes, it’s possible. The best part is the looks people in cars give you when you’re on a bike in freezing temperature.

    • No car in the winter!! That is crazy talk around here. I’m still needing to upgrade my regular riding gear before thinking about winterizing it too!

      Do you change out your tires for something that works on ice?

  2. Damn cold Falls and Winters anyway. Sure hope you get at least one or two more riding days in before the snow flies.

    We already have snow in the passes but the valley is fine.

  3. I was out riding yesterday here in Colorado – was 27F when I left the house! However, we do not have humidity, so that makes a world of difference!

  4. Reblogged this on bellsrides and commented:
    I feel bad for all of those who aren’t able to ride all year. Besides my set back we ride all year in our neck of the woods. I can’t wait to replace Scarlet with another Street Glide.

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