What are you going to do today?

10 responses to “What are you going to do today?

  1. Wow. That is powerful.

    Thank you for sharing that Pam. It really makes you think doesn’t it?

  2. Yes, it really does make you think especially about some of the groupings. Only 500 days of doing something for someone! According to this, we spend more time in the bathroom…

  3. Commute by motorcycle for a start. How many beans do you get back? Walking my dog adds beans to my life, and doesn’t detract. Being mindful in the loo is a great way to catch up on motorcycle trends and Wine Spectator. I watched my mother die slowly of cancer when I was 14. That was her last gift, a reminder that every day could be your last.
    And yes I sometimes ride without a helmet. I am not fond of bean counters, don’t let them get YOU down

  4. Great share, Pam! Thanks 🙂 Got me thinking….

  5. Awesome – thanks for posting this!

  6. Is that all? Doesn’t seem like many days!!

  7. Thanks a lot. Now I’m thoroughly depressed knowing that I spend approximately 320 day per year on the road and away from my family. Anyone got a gun? Preferrably something large caliber that can take a head clean off. 😉

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