A Good Fitting Helmet is Important

This little guy is learning about wearing a helmet even on his four wheeler!

ATGATT at 2!

Four wheeling in the house!

My grandson has recently updated his ride to a Piaggio MP3 250cc scooter and a new helmet! Looks like he needs to grow a bit to fit into both!

Upgrading to a 3 wheel scooter!

Upgrading to a 3 wheel scooter!

Okay, maybe it is his parents that bought the Piaggio MP3 250cc scooter! They picked this up for a song. Needs a few little things, but overall it was a great deal. They sent me a link to JustGottaScoot.com to learn more about this scooter. I’ve never heard or seen a Piaggio before. Check it out!

Piaggio MP3 250cc

Piaggio MP3 250cc

Piaggio MP3 2500cc front view

Piaggio MP3 2500cc front view

Piaggio MP3 250cc twist and go!

Piaggio MP3 250cc twist and go!

Being in marketing, I love a nice logo!

Piaggio logo

Piaggio logo

Have you ever seen or heard about this scooter??

13 responses to “A Good Fitting Helmet is Important

  1. I’ve seen a few of these, their owners love them…apparently they’re great fun. It’s quite the feat of engineering in that you still lean the bike to steer even though there’s two wheels up front! Kinda freaky to watch!

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  3. I’ve seen loads of these here in the UK – they look like great fun to ride. Two wheels at the front is a bit odd looking but I’m told the corners are still as much fun!

  4. Ride like a scooter, corner like a sport bike. I don’t think they can go wrong with the MP3. They are selling hold over models super cheap in Oregon right now. Hubby has even been tempted to put one in the garage.

    Cute pics of the grandson too!! He makes a great scoot model.

  5. Lately this seems to be of the most sold scooters in Europe, part reason being that you are allowed riding them with a regular car drivers license.

  6. Oh, yes. I know several people who have them. They came out in 2007. Corners like it’s stops on (almost) a dime because there are two front wheels. Really, if you forget about how weird it is and just ride it, it’s the best 2-wheeler you’ll ever ride.

    Scootin’ Old Skool

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