Treatment for Chemical Dependency

Had a full weekend that include some chemical dependency treatment … a.k.a. getting a color blast to my hair. Sorry, but I love telling people I’ve been to treatment for chemical dependency and seeing the pitiful looks and, “I’m so sorry” comments.

Treatment for Chemical Dependency

Treatment for Chemical Dependency

Okay, so my chemical dependency involves me getting rid of my grey or is it gray hair disguised a.k.a. dyed.

I took my motorcycle to get my hair done and then went to Costco. Not sure how I can spend almost $100 and taking everything home on my motorcycle without hubby.

Any one else chemically dependent?


6 responses to “Treatment for Chemical Dependency

  1. You had a 100$ hairdo and put it under a helmet after?
    I’d rather spend a 100$ on gas and ride šŸ˜‰

  2. Chemically dependent. Haven’t heard it called that before, but I like it. I used to get highlights put in my hair but I am thinking I need to research to make sure my gal uses vegan and cruelty free products. Somehow I don’t think she does.

    You’d be surprised how much you can spend at Costco and get it on the bike. They don’t call it the $100 store for nothing, lol.

  3. Love it! I administer my own chemicals,color and highlights. (Okay, I admit it… my husband does the highlights for me; he’s a great guy!) My poor hairdresser–I see her every six weeks or so, and it’s never when my chemicals are freshly applied.

    It’s a little sad that you can haul $100 worth of anything on a motorcycle. I spent $50 on groceries one day and was able to carry all of it in my saddlebags.

  4. Pam:

    I don’t wish to mention the obvious but Grey hair is better than NO hair. Do they have chemicals able to grow grey hair. I would be interested in buying some

    Riding the Wet Coast

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