Checking In

Thought I’d check-in since I’ve checked out of social media for a while. A couple of weeks ago hubby went down on his motorcycle trying to avoid an accident with a vehicle that pulled out in front of him. I was at work and hubby called me on a borrowed cell phone. He left a voice mail telling me he went down. WHAT! Then I get a call from the local police telling me that he is being transported by ambulance to the hospital, but he was talking. WHAT! The officer said they rolled his bike into a parking lot, but didn’t know if it was drive-able. I left work immediately.

Made it to the Emergency Room, but hubby wasn’t registered yet so I had to wait until a nurse officially checked him in. Finally, I was let in to see him. Sat with hubby while the doctor and nursed checked him out, gave him pain meds, and sent him off for an x-ray. Turns out hubs suffered a broken collar bone on the right side, as well as some scrapes, and they expect bruising with soreness. Not much can be done for a broken collar bone so ER put him in a sling and sent us home. Hubby will be following up in a couple of weeks with an orthopedic surgeon to see how he is healing.

Our son and daughter-in-law drove out to see what they could do to help. I drove him over to the motorcycle to see if he could ride it home. Looking over the bike it is missing a turn signal and scratched up on that same side. Fork looked okay. He was able to get it home and parked it in the garage. So grateful for his help!

Today I took my motorcycle out for the first time in a while. Just doing errands. I’ve missed riding, but miss my riding partner even more.

Wishing y’all safe riding. God Speed.

20 responses to “Checking In

  1. Glad he’s doing alright now. Getting voice mail like that would be sure to send the stress-o-meter through the roof. I was wondering how things were going. You always wonder if its been a while between posts….

  2. So sorry to hear of his crash and glad he wasn’t hurt any worse. I hope the driver will pay for the repairs, etc.

  3. So glad to hear your hubby is okay though – he’s way too nice of a guy to get hurt! Ride safe 🙂

  4. Oh, so sorry! Sad news. I’m glad his injuries weren’t worse. Hang in there and hug him often.

  5. OUCH! Glad he is basically OK. It takes so little to break a collarbone.

    My hubby went down on the track last year and shattered his. He did it in so well that he had surgery right away and now sports a metal plate and 12 screws in his shoulder. The upside was that he healed quickly and was out of pain in days.

    The crappy part about breaking the collarbone is the coming weeks of pain that accompany it. Every time he moves it will shift slightly. In a way, he is in for a worse ride. I hope it sets rapidly and his pain period will be short.

  6. Hope he heels quickly and you have your riding partner back soon x Take it easy.

  7. I was wondering how things were going with you two since we hadn’t heard in a while.

    Sad that there was a crash, but so grateful he is okay. A broken collar bone cannot be any fun at all. Big hugs to you and fingers crossed he heals quick with no lasting issues.

    Keep us posted.

  8. Oh my! I am so glad that he is basically ok. Broken collarbones heal up. I’m so sorry to hear of the accident, but really happy it is ok… Wish we could help, but you are in our thoughts!

  9. Oh Pam:

    so sorry but I hope he heals without much pain. I wouldn’t want to get a phone call like that either. I can’t imagine what would be going through my mind.

    Riding the Wet Coast

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