Well, my wonderful visit with my daughter and grandson ended last week. *Sigh* Then I proceeded to somehow perforate my tympanic membrane a.k.a. burst eardrum. No earache. No fever. No cold. No symptoms. No clue as to how or why it happened. Baffled the doctor. So I got that going for me …

For now training for the 5k has come to a crawl. Too much movement bothers my ear; which according to the doctor could take up to three months to heal. I feel like I’ve been sidelined. Not giving up though. I tried a walking incline program on the treadmill. That seemed to go okay. So until I can jog without feeling like I’m jostling my inner ear I’ll do a walking incline.

Here’s a picture of the little guy all bundled up! He loves sledding!!

Taking my grandson sledding!

Taking my grandson sledding!

P.S. I made the Panda hat for him 🙂

10 responses to “Sidelined

  1. Well that is horrible news!! I’m at least glad that nothing serious happened to have caused it, but troubled that “nothing” happened to cause it. Hope you heal up quickly.

  2. Ouch on the ear. You need to quit banging your head against the desk. There is no pain like head pain. At least the walking incline isn’t bothering it. Fingers crossed for quick healing.

    And I just have to say, I love that blue panda hat. Twice as cool because you made it!

  3. Pam:

    that is a BIG “ouchie”. Hope it doesn’t bother your equilibrium. Wonder how it happened ? take it easy and don’t push yourself

    Riding the Wet Coast

  4. Blame it on the kid. Kids are always bringing home weird diseases. 😉
    Hope you’re up and “running” soon. Sorry. When cheese is just sitting there, I have to partake.

  5. Oh my how in earth did this happen? Doesn’t sound too good! Chunky monkey is sure cute in his Panda hat!

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