It’s All a Matter of Perspective

Earlier this week we Minnesotans woke up to -9 F (-22 C) with a wind chill making it feel like -26 degrees. It is going to drop again tonight to -15 F (actual). Brrrrrrrr!! No use asking why I live here …

Today a coworker shared with me the hardship people in Los Angeles faced with cool weather. This video says it all! Thanks Jimmy Kimmel.

8 responses to “It’s All a Matter of Perspective

  1. It’s not the temperature, it’s the humidity….
    I ask myself the same question as the weather guessers are saying -46F (actual) for this weekend.

    Yes, it is a matter of perception.

  2. Brrr you guys are getting hit with the cold. I still remember temperatures that cold when we lived in BC, funny they didn’t bother us as much then.

    Thanks for the Jimmy Kimmel chuckle. I never think of the people in California being that cold at warmer than our normal temps.

  3. Too funny. Oilburner and I have to laugh here when Atlanta shuts down if there is even a hint of frozen precipitation. Even a hint of maybe, possibly snow in the forecast, with an accumulation, maybe of 1/4 inch for 20 minutes, there is a run on milk, eggs, and bread at the market and they prepare by shutting the schools down in case something happens. Sigh. Good luck with your -15F. It’s not that cold. 🙂

  4. When I lived in Northern BC the average warm winter temperature was around -25 to -30 . It was a dry cold so it wasn’t too bad. We had some hellacious winters where we actually hit -75 with windchill, I don’t miss that in the least. Average really cold winter on the Island is about -10, but fret most part we are usually above freezing. It’s just the dampness that does me in.

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