Problem Solved

This past riding season I met a few female motorcyclists as I was out and about. My problem was I would ask them about sharing their story on my blog, but usually I didn’t have a pen and paper to write down my blog address and neither did the gal I met. There was many a missed opportunity to connect. Well enter

My mini-Moo blog cards! has a couple of different sizes and paper choices. And it gives you the opportunity to personalize both sides! Woot-woot. I choose the mini-Moo cards with a matte finish, then created five sayings in two different colors on one side and put my blog URL on the other side. Yay! Now I’m ready to connect with more lady riders!

P.S. I’m still looking to add stories to Profile of a Female Motorcyclist! Let me know if you are interested. Leave a comment or email me at:

P.P.S. The link to is a referral link. You’ll get 10% off your first order.

4 responses to “Problem Solved

  1. Great idea Pam!!

    Looking good. I like the colors and word/phrase choices. Soon you’ll be even more famous.

  2. Thanks Trobairitz and Princess Scooterpie! I’m hoping it will help me connect to more female motorcyclists!

  3. Great idea. I made my own “business cards” for my blog two years ago and it makes me smile to hand them out. Not only are they a convenient way to communicate our online info but they add professionalism to what we’re doing. Good luck with your cards.

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