Seasonal Fashion Help

I don’t know about you, but I find adding a scarf an easy way to update or dress-up an outfit. I found this video from Eileen Fisher demonstrating a nice variety of ways to tie a scarf. What do you like to do to accent an outfit?

5 responses to “Seasonal Fashion Help

  1. You’re right. I only recently started wearing scarves ’cause I never knew how to tie/wrap them. They add wonderful pizzazz.

  2. That is really cool Pam, thanks for sharing.

    Sadly I have no fashion sense and the only time I wear a scarf is when it is really cold out. I wrap it around my neck once so the ends hang down inside the jacket to keep ‘the girls’ warm.

    I always look at the decorative scarves and think how pretty they are, but for some reason don’t buy any.

  3. seasonal fashion

    its seasonal fashion but its funky and pretty

  4. I loved that video! I’ve never really been much of a scarf person, but the past few years I’ve developed an affinity for cold weather scarves. This video just might make me reconsider the other styles too. So many cute ideas in that!

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