Tis the Season

I’m not familiar with Wieden + Kennedy, but love the Advent Calendar they created for the neighborhood! Check out this short video.

5 responses to “Tis the Season

  1. That’s a really cool idea. But it really would take some planning as well as a great imagination. Thanks for the video link…

  2. Now that is a novel idea. I like how they wait and do it for all of December.

    Our courthouse just put up their outdoor christmas tree and decorations yesterday. Bah humbug, you think they could at least wait until after Thanksgiving and the bell ringers were out today too.

    Sure wish more places would take after W&K.

  3. Now that is so creative, thanks for sharing Pam. I’m with Brandy that I dont like the way Christmas is getting so early these days, (there was christmas stuff in the shops this year at the beginning of October here!) But still love to see things that really show the spirit of Christmas like this. Would love to do something like that for my family and freinds somehow.

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