Failure Club Episode 80: Eric

What a lovely tribute. I found this on Yahoo, “Eric breaks-in his brand new bike on a road trip to commemorate his father.” It is a short video. Sorry about not being able to embed the code but I couldn’t seem to get it work.

Check out the video here.

2 responses to “Failure Club Episode 80: Eric

  1. I have a riding-buddy who always carries his father’s ashes in an urn in his saddlebag. At first, I thought that was creepy but, knowing my friend’s love for his dad (and desire to carry on the riding they did together when he was alive), I now view it as okay. Everyone gets to mourn in whatever way works for them.

  2. I just came across your kind words. Thank you very much; it was an experience I will never forget, and will always be thankful for having had the opportunity.

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