Back to Reality

Hubby and I are home from our trip visiting our daughter, fave son-in-law, and grandson down in Georgia. What a wonderful time we had together celebrating the little guy’s first birthday. He’s adorable. My son-in-law and daughter are doing an incredible job as parents and in their marriage. Taylor Swift sings, “Life makes love look hard,” and those two are facing life and rocking it together! So proud.

Well, today my reality check is due … it is back to work. What makes this even more difficult (besides missing them already) is the weather. We left it was 80 degrees with lots of sun and arrived home to 40s. Yikes! My riding days are truly numbered with the drop in temperature.

Hard to believe this little guy is a year old!

Time to pull out the crocheting and my other cold weather projects!

Photo credit: © Joy Cannis, 2012

9 responses to “Back to Reality

  1. Welcome back to real life. 😦 Wish it could be all parties and family and fun. I’m glad that you and hubby were at least able to take a week of and visit for the little guys birthday. Important milestones! 🙂

  2. If it wasn’t for the reality of work, you may not savor the “off” time as much. When talking to some that have retired, one thing they miss is the excitement of a vacation. Both planning and going.

  3. Pam:

    taking time off only makes you hungry for the next time. at least you have photos and memories of your time together. It’s also great to meet people along the way whom share the same interests. You have many friends all over the country . . . hopefully to meet one day

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  4. I am so glad you had such an enjoyable trip with your family.

    Sucks when we have to get back to work. What a difference in temperatures. Time to dig out the fuzzy sweaters.

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