My First Scooter Ride!!

Take a look at this gorgeous candy red 50 cc Vespa!

2009 Vespa 50 cc

My favorite son-in-law picked up a Vespa this past year. A real beauty in candy red! And guess who was able to ride a scooter for the first time ever … ME!!

My first scooter ride on the Vespa!

This vaycay just keeps getting better and better!

Taking hubby for a ride!

6 responses to “My First Scooter Ride!!

  1. That is just too much fun!! Think there might be a scooter baby in the garage next to the wee?

  2. Oh yeah, it is a complete different drug. Now, you know you want one. They are super fun.

  3. Wow that’s a gorgeous baby .. when are you getting yours 😀

  4. Sonja Grogan-Albaugh

    I have the same one!! Love my Red Scooter-great for running errands in town and has enough cc that I can ride comfortably to all over the area.Enjoy!

  5. Cool. How did you like it? It looks like you are having a blast.

    I’ve never ridden a scooter either, but I did sit on one once.

  6. lilredridingliz

    Too cute, Pam! I had my first ride on our new scooter last night, too, but Tony didn’t have his camera handy. We recently bought a 2010 Genuine Stella, 150cc’s of major fun. Maybe there’s a scooter in your future? 🙂

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