We are Women!

I was thinking back to my youth and remembered listening to this song over and over and over again. After playing it today I was reminded of all the women that have shared their stories in my Profile of a Female Motorcyclist series and my heart melted. What a group of incredible women who have faced many challenges and survived, no THRIVED!!

If you are new to the blog check out the category on the right titled, “Lady Riders” and learn about some great women. What makes them fabulous is who they are, great or small, iron butts or scooterists, single or married! They all face life with a contagious enthusiasm and joy.

So what’s missing from these profiles? Maybe it is your story. I’ve had a few women tell me their story is boring, but afterwards they agree they have a voice and something to say. What about your story on how you got on two wheels? I’d love to share it. Leave a comment or email me at pamela.court@gmail.com and let’s add your piece to this mosaic of female motorcyclist!

We are women hear us roar!

8 responses to “We are Women!

  1. Having only learned this past April, and only having a literal handful of short rides under my belt, I’d love to read about more rider gals!

  2. Hooray for you Pam and your continued dedication to bringing light to the female rider.

    Oh and I always enjoy Helen Reddy songs, so thank you for the link.

  3. This has to be the most inspirational series I have read so far on a Blog Pam, thankyou for your hard work bringing all these wonderful women and thier stories to light. I know I wouldnt have found so many blogs to read if it wasnt for you so thanks for that too.

    Godlessnurse, I thought the same when Pam first asked me to join in, and I’d only been riding for a few short months, but I soon discovered that I did have something to say and it was fun. So if you wanna then hey just do it 🙂

  4. Hi Pam! Will I date myself to say that I’ve never heard the song before? But I really enjoyed it!! (I wasn’t much into music when I was growing up.). It is an excellent song to go along with your series. Thank you!!

    We just arrived home from the Multiple Sclerosis charity ride where we were marshals. It was a WONDERFUL weekend!!

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