I picked up a Hitchhicker and saw some Bad Boys!

On Saturday hubby and I took a different direction for our ride. We went north to Milaca, MN. We took the long way there about 60 plus miles. It was clear, sunny, and the perfect temperature for riding ATGATT.

We were going to stop for lunch. Our choices were Subway, DQ, or Barbara Jean’s. No brainer our pick Barbara Jean’s. It was the only restaurant with motorcycles outside. Had to be a good sign. Hubby ordered a Bison burger and I went with an Angus. Both were incredible. I’d also recommend the waffle fries with the chipotle sauce.

When we went back to the motorcycles I found I picked up a rider. Apparently, he didn’t want to ride pillion.

Jiminy Cricket?

I encouraged him to move along before taking off for home. Didn’t think he’d be able to hold on at 65+ mph.

On Sunday we went to church and look what was in the parking lot!

Look at these two bad boys!

Incredible custom BossHoss!

This one didn’t have quite the detailing, but still fully packed!

Big. Black. Beautiful. BossHoss.

We did wait around a bit after church, but didn’t get to meet the owners. Maybe next time! All in all hubby and I had a wonderful weekend ride. How about you?

11 responses to “I picked up a Hitchhicker and saw some Bad Boys!

  1. Wow!! I do have one question tho, what is in the cansiter behind the rear shock on the airbrushed one? It’s got me facinated and I’m inaginging all sorts of things like nitro!!

  2. Wow, those are some customized monsters. I’m not so sure I like them, it seems a bit excessive to me. But to each his own, right?

  3. I agree with everyone those are quite the Harleys. Cha-ching they must have cost a pretty penny to customize.

    I like that the cricket wanted to hop on board for a ride. I don’t think he could have hung on for long. Glad you got some riding in.

  4. You collect cricket hitch hikers, I collect butterflies hitch hikers. I think the butterflies are easier to shoo away before leaving. Oh…and I once had a praying mantis.

    Flames at church? 🙂

  5. Pam:

    Those Harleys look a bit too big for me. Not my style but I am sure the owners spent lots of money sprucing them up

    Riding the Wet Coast
    My Flickr // My YouTube

  6. Wow, looks like “overkill” to me, but to each his own. Must cost a bundle to get them repaired if they ever get scratched or dented just because of the paint job! ha. My bike was covered with these green thingees that looked like miniature grasshoppers..??? I have no idea what they were. The only crickets I have ever seen have been dark brown or black in color. Went to Vancouver and returned and STILL had one clinging to my windshield….???

    SUPERBUG!! yuck!…:-(

  7. Those aren’t Harleys. They are Boss Hoss bikes, built around a Chevy engine. link: http://www.bosshoss.com
    Something like 1100 lbs. Yikes!

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