An Afternoon at the Pool

Chunky Monkey and I spent some time at the pool in the backyard today. Hope your summer is going as well as mine!

Chunky Monkey and grandma enjoying the warm afternoon at the pool!

5 responses to “An Afternoon at the Pool

  1. What an adorable picture!!

  2. *sings* Oh yes they call him The Streak! Look-at-that, look-at-that! LOL

    Not sure which of you looks like you’re having more fun.

  3. What a cutie! So sweet…

  4. My granddaughter lives on the other side of the Missouri River from here. I can get there on my Symba, but it is more of an adventure than I like. I’m thinking I have to get a bigger ride so I can visit her more often. I think the reasoning is perfectly sound, don’t you?

    Enjoy your times with the wee one. Just like our kids, they grow up very fast.

  5. Awwwwww!!! What a great way to spend an afternoon. 🙂

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