This ones for the girls!

Okay guys, timeout — this one is for the ladies! I’m stuck in a cold and snow bound weather pattern here in Minnesota so I thought I’d bring some thoughts of spring with this post.

I found the perfect attachment for my spike heels to keep me from sinking into the grass. They are called SoleMates.

I wish I would have known about these for my daughter’s outdoor wedding!

FYI – this is NOT a sponsored post.

7 responses to “This ones for the girls!

  1. This post a lost on me… I don’t own any heels. Threw the last pair out on my sister’s wedding back in 2005, and will not go back to ever continue torturing my feet 😉 Motorcycle boots and flip flop’s are my best options…

  2. What a great invention!

  3. I’m with SonjaM. Boots, sneakers, or slippers for me. But that IS a great invention. I cannot imagine having to wear heels ever again.

  4. I dont wear heels much these days but when I did, I found that the heel protectors were a must. Her is another one that I used so that I didnt ding up the backs of the heels, as well. Thats the nice thing about we ladies. If there is an issue, leave it to one of us to find a solution. LOL

  5. Heels:

    I think heels are over-rated. They make you taller but harder to balance. I prefer sandals or amphibious footware, but I like looking at your photos

    Riding the Wet Coast

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