I figured out why its windy!

I woke up today to some very strong winds. It would not be a day you would ride your motorcycle … especially since it is still winter. I think I figured out why it is windy! There is one of these in the next town over! Ha-ha!

Picture source

2 responses to “I figured out why its windy!

  1. It’s simple. The turbine uses solar power to generate wind. This wind is then harnessed in the next valley to turn into clean electricity, which is green and fashionable. Something for nothing! The only problem is if there is an opposing (natural) wind, as this will make the first turbine send heat back into space, which will make the sun too hot and we will all get melanomas.

  2. I’ve ridden past farms here in Iowa, and ranches in South Dakota, where there are entire groves of these windmills. They are quite surreal when you ride past at any kind of close range – amost alien-looking.

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