I’m speechless, frozen, and miss riding my motorcycle!

Speechless ...

It is January 9, 2011, the ground has a couple of feet of snow cover, it has been below freezing a lot this winter, and I miss riding my motorcycle.  I miss it so much I have even sat on my bike in the cold garage. My hubby will tell you I pat the seat and talk to my motorcycle whenever I pass it going to my car! {Normal, right?}

I’m really getting antsy about getting back out on the road again so I decided to look online at other women riders and stumbled across a photo collection on Flickr: amorphity’s photostream. I’ve posted a few photos from his helmet heads collection.

Even though my blog is called Helmet or Heels I would never, let me repeat, NEVER wear or recommend these shoes as proper riding gear!

Slip on heels for riding? NEVER!

The perfect couple, both idiots when it comes to proper gear!

I wonder if she ever lost a heel coming to a stop?

"Classic Asian women's 'heels out, knees and toes in' motorcycle riding position ... " Amorphity's own caption

Thank you amorphity for this digital catch!

Photo Source

4 responses to “I’m speechless, frozen, and miss riding my motorcycle!

  1. No worries, it is perfectly normal to visit and pat your bike, or even talk to it at times when you can’t take it outside for a spin. Believe me, I have been there, and I know how that feels. Hang in there. Spring’s coming eventually 😉

  2. Absolutely normal I say, but that’s coming from someone who writes poems to her bike. 😉 I’m as eager as you to get back out there and hoping we have an early bird spring this year!

  3. if it is of any comfort, Jan 10th, 5 inches of snow with heavy sleet falling. All I can think about is if I were in Key West, I’d be riding my motorcycle right now.

  4. What’s wrong with these pictures? I don’t see anything wrong. 😉

    Todd McCann

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