My Favorite Bike

An old friend recently posted a picture of me she found at her parent’s home. It is me on my dad’s Penny-farthing. This bike had been in my dad’s family for years. It had wooden wheels with a medal strip around the outside that made contact with the road.

My Favorite Bike

I had forgotten all about it until I saw this picture! I loved riding that bike all over the neighborhood. Unfortunately my parents are no longer alive so I can’t ask them the story of this bike. I also don’t know what happened to it. Maybe my sister knows.

6 responses to “My Favorite Bike

  1. Great pic. What fun! You can just about hear the laughter.

  2. Now THAT is an awesome bike!

    Thanks for sharing.


  3. You didn’t really expect us to only make comments about the bike, did you? I mean, it is a cool bike and all, but I’m really digging the polka dot dress and your sister’s ?? killer glasses. Weren’t you guys a bunch of cutie-patooties!

    Todd McCann

  4. I love the polka dots and I used to want a bike tattoo- not a biker tattoo but an old bike, like this one 🙂 haha

  5. I suggest to check with this site: this is antique bicycle club and we have members with great knowledge of antique bikes.

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