Over the Mountains and Through the Woods

I was in Norway with my mom the first time I spotted these Can-Am {I think} motorcycles! We saw a few in Bergen and up in the mountains.

They look awesomely comfortable for long trips, but how do they handle? Any owners or friends of owners care to weigh-in?

I saw a few motorcycles riding in the mountains taking hairpin turns! It was pretty incredible to watch from the top of the mountain. Here’s a picture of the road I watched them ride up. Taking a car up these narrow one-lane roads was tense, I can’t imagine riding a motorcycle up or down!

Any one ever ride on roads like this? Do share!


7 responses to “Over the Mountains and Through the Woods

  1. The Can-Am Spyder is a road-going snowmobile, with wheels instead of skis/treads. As far as I can tell, the weight distribution is pretty much the same as a snowmobile, as is the riding position. I’ve been told there’s a computerized second-guesser that cuts engine power when turning, so as not to turn over (!).

    Though it has been shown time and again over the last hundred years that most 3-wheeled vehicles have some serious controllability issues, they keep coming out with new ones. Still, with the advancing age and infirmity of the riding population means fewer and fewer people will be able to keep heavy motorcycles upright.

    The only 3-wheeler I’ve ever ridden that I could recommend in good conscience is the Piaggio MP3. It doesn’t behave like it has three wheels; on the contrary, it will feel like the best 2-wheeler you’ve ever ridden. Stable, surprisingly nimble and light-feeling. And you don’t need to put it on the center stand to park it—just lock the front end and set the parking brake!

    Scootin’ Old Skool

  2. Well, they dont lean. Need I say more? However, being 55, Im always interested in alternative riding methods for we older folk. Here is one I found that I actually had an opportunity to ride. Two wheels in front and leans so far that you can nearly lay it down. The stability is the reason to get one! Two wheels on the highway in gravel and one will most likely stay on asphalt. http://www.tiltingmotorworks.com/ check it out!! Judy LaParne with Motorcycle Travel America.com

  3. One more thing… I have two members of my motorcycle club that just love theirs. They thought they would have to give up riding until they found these. I think its great if you like it, there are lots of choices out there so, find one that works and keep riding!

  4. THAT is a crazy-ass road! I think going up would be better than going down. I’d probably have to take that at, like, 5 mph! Sheesh!

    I agree with Judy that what’s most important is to keep riding, whatever it takes!

  5. Never ridden one of those funky-looking 3-wheelers before, but they look cool.
    As for the roads, I’ve driven plenty that are curvier than that. The roads around Branson, MO are tree-lined and much curvier. The only thing bad about them is getting stuck behind a convoy of grandparents heading to Branson and having to find a way to pass. It’s not hard as a single rider, but it’s a pain when you’ve got 4-5 riders in your pack.

  6. Those roads are certainly beautiful!
    I tour through the French & Italian alps every year on the motorcycle actually, it’s great fun! I should upload some photos of it to my blog sometime.

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