I am Women Hear me Roar!

I won two tickets to the Minnesota State Fair on Twitter from @TCHotelDeals {thank-you}. How’d I do it? I re-tweeted a friend’s tweet hoping to give her another chance to win.  What a surprise when I received a direct message letting me know I won and asking for my mailing address. {Sorry Heidi!}

Hubby and I went to the Fair on Friday. My goal was to see all four motorcycle vendors, eat cheese curds, and visit the Miracle of Birth barn. The first place we hit was Harley Davidson. There were a few new, but mostly used motorcycles and lots of clothing. You could look but no sitting on the cycles. A couple of 1200 Sportsters caught my eye, but I couldn’t get the attention of a sales guy.  I’ll be the first to admit I don’t look like the “traditional” Harley rider, but is that any way to treat a potential customer?

So on to the Honda dealer I went. Again, there was a mix of new and used motorcycles. Do not sit signs were on these bikes too. I asked a couple of the sales guys some questions and received short answers. Not too interested in talking with me, they both walked away. Really? Was it my pink Under Armour jacket? I hope not. Hey guys I own a ’00 Honda cb750 Nighthawk!

Never found the dealer that was to have some Indian cycles. But we found the Kawaskis. You could sit on these bikes, but the only person there was a girl selling the Monster t-shirts. She didn’t know much about the bikes and not sure where the sales person was. Wow. Oh, and no brochures either. Talk about poor planning.

HELLO motorcycle industry I’m a woman and I ride a motorcycle! Talk intelligently to me. Advertise to me – not just with pictures of women riding as passengers – but as a motorcyclist. Create products and accessories for me. For about a hundred years the motorcycle industry has focused on men. If you want to survive the next hundred you’d better include women.

We are women hear us rev our motorcycles!

12 responses to “I am Women Hear me Roar!

  1. Two thumbs up on this, Pam! 🙂

    I’m always amazed that the dealerships are not more “with it” regarding their sales people. Not a great way to do business, for sure.

    Good luck finding a dealer who will actually talk to you, and give you the information that you want and need in order to make an informed choice for your next bike!

    • Thanks Liz for stopping by and commenting! I believe the next industry leader is going to be the one who from manufacturing to customer touch-points at the dealer level will have expanded their product line and marketing to include women! How easy would that be? And talk about the ROI!

      Maybe one of these companies should hire us help them expand their horizons!! Opportunities for the future!

  2. Ohhh one thing that always makes annoys me is when women get judged by motorcycle dealers and other industry people. They seem to assume that because we dont have balls, we clearly know nothing about bikes.
    I really agree they should start using more women to advertise motorcycles – but not women in bikini’s like they sometimes do!

  3. Uhhhh. What’s appropriate here? I know. *snapping fingers* YOU GO GIRL!!!

  4. currently writing a response post to this, if you’re interested check out my blog on thursday or there after!

  5. Great blog!!! I gotta say it’s not just women that get treated this way by dealerships. When hub started shopping around for a motorcycle (he’d sold his last one before we met then it took 11 years to talk me into one) he ran into the exact same situations. The local Harley dealership was so bad that we immediately went to a Honda shop & bought a 750 there, then when we bought our Harleys we went out of state. Yes, we carry a grudge, lol.

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