If you want to know what all the noise was last night …

In case you heard angels singing and trumpets blaring last night it was heaven rejoicing with me because I was able to ride the motorcycle!! Talk about pee in your pants excitement!

The motorcycle was a little reluctant to start, but finally turned over. I had butterflies I was so excited about getting out again. I negiotated through the road construction on the gravel slowly and kept the bike upright! Remember my last encounter with gravel I was not so lucky. When I got out to the county road I opened it up and sailed down the road. The weather was clear. The only thing I had to be aware of were the wind gusts. Those had me holding on tight and occasionally leaning to stay upright. Makes for a good core work out. Let’s just say in the end it felt really great.

I am very thankful to have gotten out because today’s weather forcast brings more severe storms to Minnesota. I heard on the radio that Minnesota has had more tornados this year than Texas! How is that possible? I am so looking forward to fall with cooler calmer weather that is better for riding.

If there is a window of clear weather tonight guess what I’m going to do? Ride safe friends!

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